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World of Tanks Update 1.7 Common Test

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Today, Wargaming has launched the first Common Test of Update 1.7. Not much is in the first iteration, just Crew Directives for Credits. We should expect double-barrel tanks to be introduced later as all of them seem to be ready to launch. For now, here’s what you can test.

Crew Directives for Credits

Starting with Update 1.7, you’ll be able to purchase¬†Crew Directives¬†for credits. Accordingly, these items will no longer be available for bonds. This step will allow a wider range of players to try out Crew Directives, as they will be more accessible for purchase. If previously they were unavailable to you, now you can easily buy and use them in every battle and increase the combat effectiveness of your vehicles.

Crew Directives work as a 100% trained perk or skill, so take advantage of them if your crew members don’t have perks/skills yet. If they do, then Crew Directives boost their effect.

How It Works

As usual, you can purchase Crew Directives in the equipment panel of a particular vehicle and apply them before jumping into the next battle. Crew Directives cannot be sold, but you can buy them in bulk for your future frays.

4 thoughts on “World of Tanks Update 1.7 Common Test

  1. Gonna loose even more money on tier 10 fights now that everyone will run food and directives all the time. Not too happy about that.

  2. I think that they should be made available for credits or bonds. Let the player choose. Otherwise what else are we supposed to use bonds for? (could be done how gold and credits could purchase premium ammo)

  3. now people have got used to using them for free in effect, now as usual WG are exploiting there player base by charging them, profit by stealth.

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