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World of Tanks Update 1.4 Possible Dates

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World of Tanks Update 1.4 is coming closer to be released but before we can get it in the Live Server, the Common Test will be available for a few weeks, but when?

While having a look at Wargaming production cycle we should be near to have Common Test 1.4 deployed, so here are the dates we estimate for them:

  • January 16 or 17: CT 1.4 First Iteration
  • January 24 or 25: CT 1.4 Second Iteration
  • February 6: Update 1.4 Release to EU and NA

All dates are of course subject to change, if Wargaming decides to have the third iteration, then the live server release will be at least one week later than anticipated. Only one question remains open at the moment: what we will see with Update 1.4? My guess is:

  • Frontline Returns: Not necessarily at feature for Update 1.4, but Frontline mode should return very soon, possibly just after 1.4 has been released to live servers.
  • Matchmaker Changes: We could possibly be looking at new changes being brought to the Matchmaker, the reason being is, all new changes have been already tested in the Asia Server, so there is no reason for Wargaming to further delay them to other regions.
  • Further Customization Options: New 2D customizations and maybe even new 3D ones could be implemented.
  • New Bonds Shop: Players have been waiting for the Bond Shop to be improved for quite a long time now and with the recent announcement, we could be seeing new features coming out with Update 1.4.
  • Map Changes: Wargaming has Supertested several map changes recently and we should see them deployed with Update 1.4.

Together with the above, I believe the first French wheeled vehicle in the game might be released with Update 1.4, but for now, I can’t confirm the information. These are my guesses, what are yours? Do you think Wargaming is going to introduce anything else with Update 1.4? Let me know in the comment section.

15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks Update 1.4 Possible Dates

  1. sadly to say this, but we all knwo WG so with this pathc most probably will come:

    more customization options(aka more money for WG)
    new bond shop(who think that bonds from then u can buy for real money-aka more money for WG)
    not MM changes(again aka more money for WG)
    something unimportant
    again something unimportant
    wheeled vehicles

    Realisticly, from WG i dont expect real MM changes in first months of 2019.

  2. If they don’t implement a new tank I will be angry,because that will be 2 patches in a row without new tanks.

  3. Bonds win’t be sold for money. Moreover we do expect some changes to the MM in 1.4. Anyway I do not see the relevance of your allegations regarding the fact that not-changing the MM will make WG earn more money.

    Please don’t be mean and go rant somewhere else.

  4. Bonds Shop isn’t selling Bonds for money, is the already existing Shop where you can SPEND your Bonds, but with more options, vehicles will be added, etc. Players will have a wider range of things they can get for Bonds.

  5. New tanks aren’t priority to be honest, I would prefer better MM, more customization that is finally complete, than yet another line to grind. WG needs to focus on balance old lines like the T57, etc that aren’t touched for years.

  6. @Harkonnen You think the continuation of the Swedish med line will be in a far further patch than1.4?

  7. i wonder if the CW campaign is going to come before the patch or not (since the original announcement said january)

  8. MM and Mapchanges are interesting to me.

    Proko removal would be my wet dream <.<
    Takes no skill to win … it all hinges on light tanks and sit pissing

  9. They were never meant for Update 1.4. They haven’t event tested on Supertest…

    If they take more than 6 months to fix something i might as well play anything else.

  11. So when searching for WoT 1.4 you’ll find the forum feedback topics, which have been removed again, but there are:
    – personal mission changes
    – customisation changes
    – general feedback
    – concurrent rendering

    That last one is the multi-core implementation I believe.

  12. Seems I was wrong and French will get the wheeled vehicles after all.

  13. Hey! Thanks again for the content.
    Yesterday I saw a message saying I had to use unactivated “prizes/rewards” before 1.4. do you know if this includes the girl crews from the Xmas rewards?
    Cheers again!

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