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World of Tanks: Update 1.12 Incoming!

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The life cycle of each update is a continuous journey and with the release of Update 1.11.1, it’s time to get the next update ready.

Update 1.12 Common Test will, most likely, be released next week, between 8th and 11th February and the final release should be between the 1st and 5th of March.

The next update will most likely bring the rebalance of some Premium vehicles, changes that were tested in Supertest in late December 2020. Expedition 2021 should also be released during the next update, and this time we should see Steel Hunter as the first event, instead of Frontlines.

With the release of Expedition 2021, we should be able to see the next reward vehicles that players will be able to grind and earn. There are seven possible Tier IX candidates for the upcoming event:

  • UDES 03 Alt 3 – Swedish Medium Tank
  • STRV K – Swedish Heavy Tank
  • Object 752 – Soviet Heavy Tank
  • K-91-PT – Soviet Tank Destroyer
  • Cobra – British Medium Tank
  • Lorraine 50 t – French Heavy Tank
  • Kunze Panzer – German Medium Tank

Of course, not all these vehicles will be for Expedition and a confirmed list is yet to be known, but I strongly believe we could see Object 752 and Cobra introduced as new rewards. The German Kunze Panzer has been hinted has the next Ranked Season reward vehicle, leaving the remaining of the vehicles with an unknown future.

There are no details known if the next Expedition will bring the old reward vehicles back as regular choices or if we will have the possibility to buy them with Bonds, as it already happens with Ranked vehicles. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks: Update 1.12 Incoming!

  1. the obj 757 looks cool but probably the Swedish tanks are more likely my type to pick up

  2. Oh man, much prefer Frontlines. At least it plays more like regular tanky tanks.

  3. Was hoping for Fontlines as a start event this year too. Needing to grind some more credits

  4. Well obj 752 a russian auto re loader works the same way as the IS 3A can expect this to be a fun tank to play in randoms still we have no news on the OBJ 780 the tier 10 ruski heavy.

  5. No more Soviet Objects! It’s so confusing already! But Swedish heavy sounds super interesting!

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