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World of Tanks: Update 1.12.1 Common Test Arriving Soon

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World of Tanks next update will be 1.12.1 and the Common Test will start next week, most likely on March 25, if everything goes according to plan, and the update getting released in mid-April.

Update 1.12.1 will bring new maps to the game and could also bring the announced Map Training mode, announced last year during the Stream of the Year.

Maps like Port, Graf Zeppling, Island, Sommar, Ivanovka, Tropika, Lost Paradise, Pacific Coast and Canyon are strong candidates to be released during Update 1.12.1, but I don’t believe Wargaming will introduce so many maps.

The new map training mode will allow you to explore maps and practice them. Other small improvements could be also introduced to the game.

More information soon.

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15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks: Update 1.12.1 Common Test Arriving Soon

  1. finally exploring the map without needing a guy hopping with you on map – took 9 years… now autoswitch crew and you can turn OFF xvm pls

  2. yes, but the auto switch crew mod is doing just fine, and no need to disable xvm when you can hide your own stats now

  3. These maps look a lot like some on Blitz. Saw someone say canyon was sand river. I saw Tropika as Mayan Ruins, Port as Yamato Harbor. Graf Zepplin looked a little like dead rail, and Sommar looked like MIddleburg. Lost Paradise reminded me of Mirage, and finally, Ivanovka reminds me, ironically, of Winter Malinovka, since Malinovka is already in the game. The only map here that didn’t look like it came off of Blitz was Pacific Coast, but I could’ve missed something there.

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