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World of Tanks Update 1.0.1 – Italian Crews

World of Tanks Update 1.0.1 is almost here, with just a few more days left in Common Test, the Update should hit the live server before the end of the month, most probably before the end of this week.

With the last Common Test update, the Italians got more crew members pictures, twenty-eight in total to be more precise. Players will have twenty-one man and twenty-three women to choose from and create the perfect crew for their tanks.

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    1. Yes, it will come with 1.0.1, but it will be like Ranked battles. Its an in-game event that will last a few weeks, and then a pause.

    1. Cant find Terence Hill or Bud Spencer either 😀 (still better national stereotypes than FR)

  1. will they release the italian tanks together with a female crew event like they had for the swedish TDs or will it be handled like the Czech Tanks.
    If they will not have an event, i will use free xp to convert it into crew xp during the event.

      1. arrr and there are so many beautiful Italian ladies !

        i have kept from the tank campaign one lady to recruit for commander, it seems its worth the wait ^^

      2. Thx for the quick answer. I got a commander during the event and used free xp to give him 6th sense. I just cant go without it anymore. 🙂

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