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World of Tanks Update 1.0.1 Common Test Soon?

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World of Tanks Update 1.0.1 could be a lot closer than we thought. According to WOT Express, Common Test is scheduled to start on April 12th, if all goes according to plan. Also, World of Tanks RU portal published a small article with a roadmap for upcoming events and Update 1.0.1 shows to be scheduled for late April, early May.


With Update 1.0.1, players should expect the Italian nation to be released with eleven new vehicles added to the game. The map Province is also suggested to be coming out at the same time, but I couldn’t confirm this information.

The Russian region it will also be getting some nice events for the next few weeks:

  • New Clan Wars Season
  • Cosmonautic Day – April 12th – “A space surprise to commemorate  the anniversary of Gagarin’s space flight.”
  • In-game Event – “A great opportunity to get a Premium Tier VIII tank for free!”
  • Update 1.0.1 – “Italian invasion… and more!”
  • In-game Event – “A secret event! Expect something with 1.0.1 release.”
  • Tank Time – “Another series of tournaments in Russian cities.”
  • Clan War Event – “Lead your clan to new victories and glory.”

Of course, events aren’t guaranteed in other regions, but Update 1.0.1 is certainly closer than we thought.

Source: WOT Express, World of Tank RU Portal

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15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks Update 1.0.1 Common Test Soon?

  1. I thought it’s common knowledge that WG would push out the Italian patch right after 1.0

  2. So…. where are the “coming soon” tanks? Whats taking WG so long to introducing the tanks after T-10 and Obj-430 II ?

  3. One of few thing that would work as cash-grab for me. Even tho it is mostly centurionish gameplay its still heavy (and hopefully will more usable than FV201(A45))

  4. According to their stream Q&A some time ago, they should also remove the gold price for premium ammo and premium consumables in 1.0.1 🙂

  5. Just Premium ammunition, Premium consumables was never announced and it’s not planned.

    That’s the Q&A that I was refering to. I made the link start at the part where he starts talking about the whole subject, but if you jump forward to 01:12:43, then he says:
    “And by the way, it also touches consumables aswell. So the gold price component will be removed.” 🙂

  7. If i’m right, it’s only for RU, so far? so what are we barking here about? tier 8 marathon? LOL

  8. Oh! Nice! I stand corrected. I don’t recall this at all but yes. Than even better, we just need cheaper prices for the consumables now 🙂

  9. I (personally) have contacted WG player support many many times with various issues related with WOT and trust me the only thing they have more than enough is disappointment and more lies to players(and surely no Player support). I have not seen one surprise (unless u expect tier 6 or sometimes tier 7 tank from WG as a gift and a nice surprise for spending thousands of hours with them and u get valentine II – Surprise). Give me month notice with such a surprises and i’ll be happy to spent time elsewhere 100 %

  10. I hear u mate, but ~244 days and nights spent with this game alone, i bet i’ve seen it all. Unless it’s defender 2 (ST-I at tier 8) for free, like t34-85 or its no surprise for me, one more cheap trick from WG(tier 8 tank with pen of some tier 6s and armor of tier 7, in other words valentine II). But we’ll wait and see 🙂 AGAIN

  11. Great a new patch coming out.Why do we have to buy paint with gold and it does’nt do anything for the camo.Example:German tank.You paint the whole tank in the desert colour like it was in WW2 and all the other nations that participated in the desert but the paint does’nt count as camo.Was WG making a quick scam for us to buy gold because how many tanks on the battle field do you see with paint on them.In the beginning there was quite a few but now there’s hardly any.So with what is WG scam us this time

  12. Yeah, I also hope for cheaper prices. In my opinion, the best solution would be if they made all consumables cost the same, so that all players can afford the same consumables.
    As a small example:
    – Small repair kit: 3’000 credits, repairs 1 module, 60 seconds cooldown.
    – Large repair kit: 3’000 credits, repairs all modules, 120 seconds cooldown.
    – Food: 3’000 credits, +10% to all crew members.
    And so on 😉

  13. Should we sell all premium consumables before patch? will they be cheaper?

  14. AX is pretty much an old Caernarvon with improved armor and DPM.

  15. No. Just the Gold price is getting removed, nothing else is changing.

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