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World of Tanks Update 0.9.22 USSR Tech Tree

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Curious how the Soviet tech tree will look in Update 0.9.22? Straight out of Supertest, you can now see how the tech tree will look up, with all the new additions and replacements. Object 430 II doesn’t seem to lead to a Tier X at the moment, but Wargaming has announced that the new Tier X might only come after Update 0.9.22.


There is currently a limitation of eleven lines on the tech tree module that needs to be updated. Please remember the information is subject to change at any time.

Source: WOT Express

15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks Update 0.9.22 USSR Tech Tree

  1. I know its a Russian owned site, but do we really need all these russian tanks?

  2. I still cannot figure out the causality of your sentence. What does WG’s decision to add more russian tanks have to do with this website being allegedly owned by Russians?

  3. I guess he is talking about Wargaming and their Actions in World of Tanks, not your Website.

  4. does this mean that if i get the obj430, I’ll get the tier 9 version on the other tree and the new tier 10 replacement or do I only get the tier 9 obj430?

  5. I don’t know of any other rear turreted MT that WG could use after the Obj 430 II… unless they put the K91 Ver 2 heavy tank after it… or make up an Obj 430U II?

  6. I wonder what the T-10 will lead to. I bought it back just so I could grind the new tier X

  7. It would make sense to me if you got the tier 9 430 and the new tier 10 med coming after the 430 v2

  8. Well, I’m not really sure the 777 would be a correct upgrade from the tier 10. Although it has better power to weight ratio, the ground resistances are much worse and the gun handling is worse than the T-10 it seems. Armor wise it’s gonna be a really awesome sidescraper which the T-10 is definetely not.

    I won’t be complaining if it’s gonna be the successor of the T-10, but I think it’s a bit too heavy for that

  9. You are not force to grind them and to play them. Nobody is forcing you to play wot…and we are not forced to read your stupid comment…

  10. I’ve spoken to a CC of the NA server and he confirmed that there is a 99% chance that the 777 will be the successor of the T-10

  11. If you own the Obj 430 when 9.22 goes live, you will keep it with it being a tier 9 tank and you will get the Obj 430U for free. If you own the Obj 430 II, you will keep it when it is shifted and that is it. If you have any XP on it you will keep that XP to use towards the Tier X for it’s line.

  12. I’m not sure, last time we had something similar, you would the one you already have, and the new one would be unlocked, but you would have to buy it.

  13. I would like to know too since I have the T-10 unlocked but I want the Obj.257 so I’m grinding xp on my IS-3. Would be great to know where will the xp go after the patch…

  14. I started grinding xp on the T-10 too. The xp gained on this will remain on T-10. Same thing happened when the changes in the german heavies took place. People who had xp on VK 45.02B remained there and continued grinding for the Pz7.

    I thought IS-8 might make an appearance, but maybe it is too weak to be a tier 10. Obj.777 sounds ok and it is already in there.

  15. content creators know just as much as normal people. If they did Circon and QB would know everything.

  16. They missed an opportunity here to make the KV 13 relevant.

    They could easily have made the new T10 line lead off of the KV 13 with the IS8 (Which is a T10 prototype) at tier 8.

    But hey, they can always change the line in the future.

    Also, the KV 13 would be so much better if it got to use the KV 85’s 100 millimeter gun.

  17. WarGaming was originally a company formed in and owned by Belarussians. Belarussia is a separate country from Russia. However, WG has now moved it’s corporate ownership to Cyprus. So strictly speaking WG and all those pixel tanks (including the USSR ones you complain about) are Cypriot.

  18. actually the reason that they got lots of russian tanks because they are constantly working with the kubinka museum in russia, so if i’m wg i don’t see any reason not to add those tanks, but for me honestly, thats a bit too much(not until they add more tank in other nations…)

  19. actually IS-5 is the T10’s prototype, and when its manufactured, its called IS-8 until Stalin dies, then its renamed to T10

  20. If you own the T10 before 9.22 drops, you will get the 257 for free and keep the T10 (unless they pull the T10 to bring it back at a later time with the Tier X that will follow it).

  21. russians tanks need some more usefull X tier heavy for CW and offensives than is IS-7 (somethink like WZ-111 5A)…i take one melange beer on Arrakis holiday and wait what WG give to us finaly in russian tech tree 🙂

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