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World of Tanks – Trade In Your Premium Tank

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Hello everyone,

Do you remember back in December that Wargaming talked about a possible new feature coming to World of Tanks, where it would allow players to Trade-In their Premium Tanks?

Last night update on the Russian Server brought more than just a few technical changes to Strongholds. It introduced the Trade-In system, where players are allowed to exchange their Premium Tanks for another one.

Update: The Trade-In feature is a test and will be running from 12/01/2017 to 23/01/2017.

The trade is limited to certain Premium Tanks from Tier VI to VIII, with a very important detail: you can only trade for a Premium Tank of equal or lower Tier.

This means if you want to buy an IS-6 (Tier VIII), you can trade in a Lowe (Tier VIII), or a AT 15A (Tier VII) or a Dicker Max (Tier VI). But if you want to buy a Type 64 (Tier VI) you can use a Dicker Max (Tier VI) but you can’t use any tank of Tier VII or Tier VIII.

The tank selected for trade in will be worth half of it’s Gold price. For example the player wants to buy a T-54 First Prototype, it will cost him 8,750 Gold. But if he trades in a Panther 8.8 he will get a discount of 3,650 Gold and will have to pay the difference of 5,100 Gold.

So in resume it’s not a system where you can just simply exchange a Premium Tank and pay a small fee, it’s a system very similar to trade of normal tanks for credits where you only get half the price of the tank when you sell it. But in this case, players can’t sell their Premium tanks to get 50% of the Gold back.

The following tanks can be bought using the Trade-In system:

Tier VI

  • Dicker Max
  • Type 64
  • Heavy Tank No. VI
  • Škoda T 40
  • Strv m/42-57 Alt A.2
  • SU-100Y

Tier VII

  • AT 15A
  • SU-122-44


  • Löwe
  • T26E4 SuperPershing
  • FCM 50 t
  • T-34-3
  • IS-6
  • T34
  • Panther mit 8,8 cm L/71
  • AMX Chasseur de chars
  • STA-2
  • ?-54 (1945)
  • M4A1 Revalorisé
  • FV4202 (P)

I’m currently trying to confirm if this Trade-In system will be coming to all servers or if it’s just be for the Russian Server. I’ll update the article with more details as soon as I have them.

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15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks – Trade In Your Premium Tank

  1. As soon as they announced it back in december I was imagening trading in that big ol’ turd of an FCM for the new and improved M4 Rev.
    Unless they buff the FCM sometime soon. It badly needs it.
    All in all a very convenient feature. I can see players trading their tanks in only to have tzem receive a buff in tge next patch, ha!

  2. This will be nice indeed. I’ve some old tanks that I would love to sell…. One thing that they could consider is that just sell tank for Gold, even for 50% of the original price I would sell some of them…

  3. Mc Thome probably best to uninstall the game if u think the m4 is better than the fcm.

  4. The gun is nowhere near as awesome as it was. The tank’s been powercreeped to hell…

  5. Oh you’re so right… When has a tank that isn’t a big turd visible from half across the map that’s been powercreeped to hell, strapped with ammoracks as armor actually been better than a tank that has actual alpha, gun depression, and can pull off actual snapshots, but hey, what do I or good streamers actually know.
    The FCM has once upon a time been a great tank, one of the better premiums, but the game has moved on, mobility and pref mm and a derpy 240 alpha gun doesn’t mean much in the current state of the game. It would need some substantial buffs to be competitive once again, especially since all the other old and new premiums have gotten buffed so much recently.

    Just my 2 cents

  6. Well another option for WG to make users spend gold, however this might be useful for some players to get rid of IS-6 and buy some meaningful (credit wise) tier 8. I would definitely use it to get rid of SU-144 and buy SP instead, SP was made quite decent (heavy hehe) tank with all armor kept and penetration greater than IS-6.

  7. “This means if you want to buy an IS-6 (Tier VIII), you can trade in a Lowe (Tier VIII), or a AT 15A (Tier VII) or a Dicker Max (Tier VI). But if you want to buy a Type 64 (Tier VI) you can use a Dicker Max (Tier VI) but you can’t use any tank of Tier VII or Tier VIII.”

    This part looks wrong considering the part above it states that you can only trade in for equal or lower tier. so you can probably trade your löwe for a 64 but not a 64 for a löwe.

  8. No, use the images for reference.


    -Player wants to BUY a Tier 8, he can use a Tier 8, 7 or 6 to trade in.
    Player wants to BUY a Tier 6, he can use a Tier 6, but he can’t use a Tier 7 or 8.

    This is because WG doesn’t want people to get a “free” tank trading in a higher tier tank.

  9. Okay, that looked more like a “sell” window then it looked like a buy one to me, but since my russian is non-existent ill take your word for it.

  10. How the system works is, you select to buy a new Premium tank from the tech tree, then you select the option Trade-In and you need to click on that middle area to select a tank. Then a list on the right side will show with all the tanks you can use to trade.

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