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Giveaway: The Daily Bounce Advent Calendar 2020

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The Christmas period is almost here, the decorations are out of the box, the lights are on and your stockings are ready to be filled with presents, just one thing left: The Advent Calendar!

This year we will bring your our own version of the Advent Calendar powered by Wargaming EU, filled with small presents and goodies. And to make it even special, we are not just doing one Advent Calendar, we actually have three going on at the same time. Yes, you read it right, three Advent Calendars: TDB Advent Calendar 2020, World of Tanks International Facebook Group Advent Calendar and a Bonus Advent Calendar!

*Click on the days to access the daily giveaway!


The Daily Bounce Advent Calendar 2020

Each day, from the 1st of December to the 25th of December, you will have a question or challenge to overcome, get the question right or overcome the challenge and you can enter the competition. You will be requested to leave your answer or proof of completion in the comment section, so it is important to leave the comments using your in-game name and email! Your data won’t be shared with any external company and only it will only be used to send the winners their prizes.

You can enter on both our Advent Calendars and WoTi Advent Calendars for double the chances of getting a prize and full details each day will be shared both here at The Daily Bounce and on WoTi Facebook Group. Follow the rules and details on each question or challenge and you will enter the competition to win the daily special prize: Gold, World of Tanks Premium Days, Personal Reserves and more! Each day is a surprise!


Bonus Advent Calendar Giveaway

Did you think that would be all? No, we always have some extra bonus for you. A bonus Advent Calendar will also be available, but this one requires no answers or challenges, all you will need to do is to enter in the Gleam Giveaway available each day and you are on to win some Gold or World of Tanks Premium Days! The winner will be randomly selected each day and contacted via email! Remember, the bonus Advent Calendar can only be entered by EU or NA Region players!


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  1. Yes, you will see it tomorrow. The Advent Calendar 2020 will be EU only, but Bonus Calendar will be EU and NA! Its a different prize each day.

  2. Hi Harkonnen! How do I access the bonus advent calendar giveaway? I can’t seem to find any links to Gleam here.

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