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World of Tanks: Tankmen Day Short Q&A

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You might not be aware, but yesterday Russians and Belorussians celebrated Tankmen Day. There was a big event in Minsk organized by Wargaming and a Q&A with the Developers. WOT News has published a small part of it, but hopefully, we will get more information soon.

Source: WOT News


  • Work on crew perks/skills is underway, but it’s a difficult and long process to complete. No further announcements at this point. (H: As far as I been told, it won’t be released this year, so Q1 or Q2 of 2019)
  • There are planned changed for Tiers V, VI and VII as part of the game rebalance.
  • Wargaming is currently working on rebalancing for Tier VIII, then naturally will come lower tiers.
  • It’s likely a new Czechoslovak Premium will appear in the game. There was a request for one and a candidate.
  • No other regular Czechoslovak tanks will be introduced to the game.
  • There are plans to replace more tanks in the future and the same principle will be observed again: owners will get to keep it and get a brand new tank, but still too early to announce which ones.
  • No plans at all to touch Grille 15, developers are happy how the tank is at the moment. All rumours about the model replacement are false/fake.
  • Soviet tank destroyer T-103 is planned to be released next year, no further details, but Wargaming claims to have a “cunning plan for it.”
  • No plans to return General Chat to the game.
  • Wargaming has been experimenting with a bridge destruction and avalanche mechanic, but these are most unlikely to ever come to the game.
  • Wargaming has no plans to introduce a gambling system to the game.
  • On Premium tanks that Wargaming can’t rebalance, there will be a full compensation with Gold. (H: I’m not certain what this is about if Pref. MM tanks or any tank in general, no other details were given about it.)
  • Incentives for old players are planned, but only (maybe) for December. (H: These could well be just for RU players, I can’t confirm any plans for other regions.)

15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks: Tankmen Day Short Q&A

  1. I’m certainly an old player… I was playing a week after it first released. That doesn’t mean I have played it a lot though, just that I have played it for a long time. 😉

    I’m suspicious about the “cunning plan” for the T-103 though… however it’ll probably just be a marathon.

  2. Kind of shame about the czechoslovak tech tree and that no regular tanks will appear. AFAIK there were several interesting light tank projects based on evolved LT-38 and ST-III/Jagdpanzer 38 (t) ch***is’.

  3. On Premium tanks that Wargaming can’t rebalance, there will be a full compensation with Gold.*

    Well Wargaming better not sell any of these pref MM/premium tanks in the near future for real money if they planned to remove them from the game. SOUND LIKE A RUSSIAN REFUND TO ME!

    From what I have read you can contest, through your credit card company or PayPal, within one year the purchase and get a monetary refund from Wargaming if the item you purchased is not what was advertised or was changed from what was advertised. However you risk the chance that Wargaming will shut down your account.

  4. There are many interesting war/post-war CZ tank and arty system projects. They can be found in way more advanced stages of development – compared to the polish ones already released :/

  5. Get the fukin’ gold spamming STOP,
    cough, sorry, I mean, please redesign the premium ammo mechanism.

  6. lol how about they balance tier 10 fist and than go to lower tiers, if they call tier 10 balanced than I cant imagine they will properly balance lower tiers

  7. Just a brainfart how about limiting the amount of gold ammo. Like you can only cary 10% gold. The rest is up to the player.

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