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World of Tanks: Tank Rewards to Stop, for now!

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The monthly Tank Rewards were a great way to shine a spotlight on special occasions and holidays, and they offered an interesting way for you to earn additional rewards each month. However, Wargaming has decided to stop them for a while, most probably just for Holiday Ops 2021 and possibly other near incoming events.

It’s normal for Top of the Tree and other events like Tank Rewards to stop during the biggest holiday season, so don’t panic as we will most probably see Tank Rewards return in 2021! 

Until further notice

Regarding Tank Rewards, once the November special has concluded, Wargaming will pause the program until further notice. Wargaming thanks everyone for their enthusiasm and dedication for Tank Rewards program and will continue to work on the concept to make it better and more unique in the future.

15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks: Tank Rewards to Stop, for now!

  1. It isn’t normal for Tank Rewards to stop during Chrtistmas. Last year we could get the Scorpion as a reward in December from it.

  2. hopefully we get some cooler tank rewards soon, thunderbolt is fun but just meh

  3. Watch all the tank reward vehicles coming out of Christmas boxes this year……………………………

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