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World of Tanks: T42 Medium Coming Soon as The Boys Partnership

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World of Tanks will soon get a brand new American Tier VIII Premium medium tank, the T42. Don’t be mistaking it for the M41 Bulldog, as this was a completely different project, but they do look similar.

The tank will be introduced as a partnership with Amazon for the series The Boys, which Season 2 has been recently released. No confirmed information has been leaked, but the recent trailer published by Wargaming does give us some clues. The first clue you might notice is the dolls on the table. Here you will be able to see Homelander and Queen Maeve, two of the main hero characters in the series.

The second clue is the inscription at the T42 barrel, where you can read “Never Meet Your Heroes”, a slogan you can find in the first Season promotional poster and a third clue can be found in the video description as “Heroes arent’t born, They’re made.”, this is the slogan for Season 2 of The Boys.


The fourth clue you will be able to fin in two containers next to the T42 tank, one of the containers you can read “French’e’s Perfume” and one of the main characters is called Frenchie. Last but not least, the first episode from Season 1 is called “The Big Ride”.

We don’t have details to when the event will be released, but as the promo is already out, it should be very soon. More details to follow as soon as they are known.

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