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World of Tanks – T34 B Camouflage True Values – Updated

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Hello everyone,

Seems during the weekend, while I was away, a new rant has been going around about the T34 B camouflage. While some sources claim a few things without checking the values themselves, I’ve done a bit of research so I won’t be basing my opinion on someone else’s print screens. I’ve used the in-game comparison tool to get the values and I’ve selected the 100% Crew option for all of them, meaning the values should reflect true values with no camouflage values from the crew.

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I’ve compared the T34 B with a normal T34 with and without camouflage patterns and the values are as follow:

  • T34 B: 5.07 / 0.91
  • T34 without camouflage pattern: 3.93 / 0.71
  • T34 with camouflage pattern: 5.93 / 1.07

As you can see the T34 B has more camouflage than a normal T34 without camouflage, but it has less camouflage than a T34 with camouflage applied. This means the camouflage is giving a bonus, but not as much as a normal one.

Based on these results, I’ve decided to look at another black camouflage tank, the M41 90 GF.

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Again, to get accurate values I’ve used the in-game comparison tool and I’ve looked at the M41 90 GF, the normal version that is not available to buy but is to compare, and the M41 Bulldog with and without camouflage patterns:

  • M 41 90 mm: 14.2 / 3.38
  • M 41 90 GF: 15.9 / 3.78
  • M41 Bulldog With Camouflage Patterns: 17.2 / 4.04
  • M41 Bulldog Without Camouflage Patterns: 14.2/ 3.33

We can confirm that the Premium vehicle with special camouflage has a higher value than a normal one, but not as high as normal with a camouflage pattern applied on.

Before we go full guns blaze, we had to confirm the values and not just go by one simple comparison. The conclusion is that premium vehicles with special camouflages are giving a bonus to the end user when compared with a normal Premium without camouflage, the only negative point here is the fact that the value applied is not the same. Why would Wargaming give two different camouflage bonus, I’ve no idea and will try to get more information about it, but in my personal opinion is that the bonus is smaller because the player supposedly doesn’t pay for it special camouflage, meaning that instead of the standard percentage they get a reduced one. Would this still justify the lower bonus value? No, not at all. I’ll share more information as soon as I get it.

Update #1

I’ve been doing some reading on the Russian Forum and I’ve found out that Wargaming is on the case. Belleville, was the first one replying to players regarding this issue, later, developer Janckman as also confirmed the problem is a bug in the in-game comparison tool reporting inaccurate information, but the camouflage coefficient is actually the same as the T34 with camouflage. He also advised the bug will be fixed soon but it doesn’t specify when.

Now, after reading pages and pages of comments I’ve noticed players asking “What about other tanks? Are they reporting inaccurate information too?”, but Wargaming is not giving much information about other tanks. If we assume this actually true and it’s a bug in the comparison tool, this would mean all tanks in the same scenario would be affected by this bug. I’ve had a look at other tanks like the T26E5 Patriot and the AMX M4 mle. 49 Liberté and compared them to the normal versions and they do have higher camouflage values than the normal ones, but unfortunately I can’t compare them to a normal version with camouflage because I don’t have access to it.

In resume, let’s just hope this is really just a small bug in the comparison tool.


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  1. Apparently they are lying. Quickybaby tested both tanks on live stream by parking a T34 and a T34B (same crew and equipment) next to each other, then approached with a light tank. T34B was spotted 6 or 7 meters earlier,

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