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World of Tanks: T-103, Not Your Typical Soviet Destroyer

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The second turreted Soviet tank destroyer has hit the Premium Shop and it’s now available: T-103! Some might find it mediocre, some might find good, but unless you are looking for a huge tank destroyer that only his mother finds it’s beautiful, then this vehicle might not be for you. It packs a massive 130 mm gun, known for its firepower and strong penetration. Even better, this boomstick is mounted on a fully-rotatable turret, an unusual trait for this class.


It was created to bring a solid amount of credits and experience to you and at least a substantial loss of hit points to the enemy.

  1. Excellent armour penetration with both Regular and Premium ammo: 258 and 307 mm, respectively.
  2. Good one-time damage of 440 units and damage per minute of 2,357. It will not be difficult to hit your target even from an average distance due to comfortable accuracy – 0.36 m per 100 m.
  3. Both Regular and Premium ammo are AP. In comparison with sub-calibre ones, they more effectively hit armour at an angle, and also lose less penetration with distance.

Frontal Turret Armour

The turret frontal armour is quite strong, 220 mm, with some areas reaching up to 300 mm. It will be able to protect you from most vehicles of Tier VIII and IX, but remember, if you are too aggressive, the areas with lower protection will make you pay for your mistake. Don’t forget to hide your less armoured areas behind save cover, and when an enemy gun is aimed at you, don’t stand still and prevent it from hitting your weakspots.

360° rotation of the tower

Use it and abuse it! A great advantage over other tank destroyers, the T-103 turret can rotate 360 degrees without losing camouflage, not that it has a lot due to its size. It’s not the fastest of turret rotations, but it still allows you to catch your enemies unprepared.

Check out the Premium Shop if you want to get one in your garage, but overall I believe it’s a vehicle that won’t suit the needs of many and will become more of a collection than, than a money maker like the SU-130PM or the German Skorpion.

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  1. I actually love that stupid piece of junk^^
    Its WAY more agile then it looks and the turret holds a fair share of bounces.
    Also the gun is… working well Oo

    Its like a Su100y… with turret!

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