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World of Tanks – Swedish Tanks Changes – Common Test 9.17


Hello everyone,

A few changes incoming to the Swedish Tanks on Common Test 9.17.

Source: WOT Express VK


  • SFA F12 engine power reduced by 28%
  • Drum reload increased from 28 to 33 seconds.
  • Between shot reload time increased from 2.75 to 3 seconds.
  • Changes to hull armour.

Emil II

  • AVS-1195 engine power reduced by 28%
  • AV-1195 engine power reduced by 35%
  • 12cm akan L/40 shot reload increased from 3 to 3.51 seconds.
  • 10.5cm TK 105 shot reload increased from 3. 3.51 seconds.
  • Hull armour nerfs.

Emil I

  • SFA 8 engine power reduced 18%
  • AOS-895 engine power reduced by 21%
  • 10.5cm TK 105-9 shot reload increased from 3 to 3.51 seconds
  • 10.5cm lvkan m/42 shot reload increased from 3 to 3.:1 seconds.


  • DB 605 engine power reduced by 30%
  • Meteor Mark IV Mod 271 engine power reduced by 31%

Strv 74

  • 2st Scandia-Vabis 607/1 engine power increased by 19%
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  1. Well that didn’t take them long to nerf the Swedish tanks. To be honest they were a bit overpowered but that is a heck of a nerf

    1. They should have nerfed the turret armor wtf
      That Krakenwagen still bounces AP shells from FV 183 and Jg Pz E100 ….

      But this is WG now … they release broken OP vehicles so players rush for them and spend money ….

  2. the tier 9 and 10 were seriously unbalalnced but these are harsh nerfs. Be interesting to see how they play now – before they were awesome!

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