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World of Tanks Supertest: T 55A Changes

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World of Tanks Supertest received two Personal Mission reward tanks to test and the first one is the German Tier IX T 55A.

After many requests from players, Wargaming finally decided to buff this German imported tank, to meet the roots of Russian standards close to the Soviet T-54 after it’s HD upgrade.


First a nice and great engine power boost, from 580 h.p. to 750 h.p. bringing the power/weight up to a nice 20 h.p./t. This will make the vehicle more mobile, top speed will be reached quicker and going up that hill will be easier.

But that isn’t all, a buff to the turret rotation dispersion factor and aiming time, will make this vehicle a bit more accurate and more comfortable to play. Finally, last but not least, the much-needed armour buffs on its turret to a standard closer to the T-54.


Please keep in mind these are Supertest changes, they might change in the future and will take some time to be implemented. Nonetheless, the Soviet spy tank is in need of a buff and these might be just enough to make it more enjoyable.

15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks Supertest: T 55A Changes

  1. When I first heard of these news, I was so happy…my eyes got all wet. :’)

    The Obj. 260 is also being supertested. 🙂

    …who knew I could get so emotional about tanks…haah~ Maybe because I’ve earned these tanks long ago with blood, sweat and tears and now they’re finally gonna be worth playing. Oh joy!

  2. They are buffing old tanks? What is happening with WG? This is great!They might look agin on old tech tree tanks too!

  3. Still a truly awful T9 credit sink with a laughable 201 pen on standard shells

  4. The “dpm” gun of the T-54 has the same penetration >.> And before the buff this tank is now getting, it still had better gun handling statistics, of which the other T-54 gun is good for with 18 more pen.
    A tanker with good skills can make 201 work just fine. And of course it has the exact same 330 pen HEAT shell as well.
    This tank getting the turret buff it DESPERATLY needed is well received.

  5. was it really necessary to increase so much the turret armor? It’s a medium tank after all!
    For those who complains about “balancing” put yourself in a T8 adversary! What can he do now? Even spamming gold ammo he will have very little or no chance to pen the turret. T7? They can simply run away!
    Engine buff is OK but the armor was not needed AT ALL!

  6. Why would you care if I drive this or the T-54 ? I’m glad this will be as good. It’s a reward that takes much more time and effort to get, so why should it be worse? I guess you don’t have it.

  7. Finally they’re thinking about doing something nice… maybe to compensate the fact that they’re selling the Defender again, maybe? But the T-55A is crap when compared to the T-54 it needs a really huge amount of buffs to be able to be as good as the T-54 (with any of the top guns)

  8. it was totally nes, the turret sucked on this tank, good to see it buffed to t54 levels..

    And what t8’s and t7’s should do?. flank, shoot the hull, or shoot cupola. l2p

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