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World of Tanks Supertest: T-44 Changes #2

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Wargaming wasn’t done with T-44 and today more changes to the old Soviet medium were announced on Supertest.


Changes #1

  • Engine Power changed from 680 to 820 hp.
  • Reverse speed changed from 20 to 23 km/h.
  • LB-1 gun reload time changed from 7,5 to 7,0s.
  • Dispersion while turning changed from 0,18 to 0,14.

Changes #2

  • Dispersion while moving changed from 0.173 to 0.134.
  • Dispersion while moving at max. speed changed from 8.8 to 6.85.
  • Dispersion while turning at max. speed changed from 7.59 to 5.91.
  • DPM increased from 2,085 to 2,234.
  • LB-1 reload time changed to 6.72s
  • LB-1 rate of fire changed from 8.343 to 8.939.

15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks Supertest: T-44 Changes #2

  1. I have no words.. How can they not see that the T-44 is already good enough? Why are they even looking at the T-44 and completely ignoring the T-34-2.. This really grinds my gears

  2. You really wanna know why?… I can tell you. It’s because the premium T-44-100 is stat-wise almost exactly the same as the T-44 with the 100mm gun. It seems WG is going around the “no nerf for prems” policy by buffing the standard version… and this T-44 is the first step.

    That’s just my take on this, I could be wrong ofc.

  3. T-44 is good enough. Instead of this you can do:
    1. Nerf penenetration of HEAT on T-54
    2. Buff penetration of AP on T-54

    I am not saying it becouse I hate T-54. I am owning one. The penetration on AP is reason why people are spamming HEAT.

  4. When will they finally fix the stupid exp required to unlock the WZ-132’s top gun and WZ-120’s second gun….

  5. Oh my god I hate that too. I was just about to unlock WZ-132 before they changed it, and now I’d have to grind over 60k XP with the first 100mm gun. I’m not buying WZ-120 before they change that…

  6. Since when? 201 pen isnt much but you can easily work with it. Maybe it depends on your playstyle. If you play it super agressive you don’t need more pen than 201 really. Yeah HEAT is too much, it should be like 280 or so

  7. I wonder if they will buff the 122mm’s gun stats and penetration values and have it lead into the tier 9 Object 430.

  8. Well damn, T-44 have been buffed with IS-7, no? Meanwhile Black Prince still use the puny 17pdr to fight tier 9.. How about giving the old 20pdr to BP..

  9. TBH the T-44 is a well rounded tank and can be quite fun ever since the buff, but this is just ridiculous, also WHERE ARE BRITISH LIGHT TANKS

  10. Even if they buffed the AP to 220 ish… people would still spam HEAT. As the pen is not enough for Super heavies either way

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