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World of Tanks Supertest: SU-130PM Soviet Tank Destroyer

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Today Wargaming is starting the closed test of a new Soviet Tier VIII Premium tank destroyer SU-130PM. An unhistorical vehicle based on the SU-100P light tank destroyer prototype.


A fully operational SU-100P unit passed the trials and was greenlit for service, but it never entered mass production. Two other versions were tested, SU-152P with a 152mm anti-tank gun and a self-propelled version also with a 152mm gun denominated SU-152G. The surviving vehicles can be seen in Kubinka Tank Museum.

The main difference between the game version and the completed prototype is the armament: in-game it boasts a more powerful 130mm cannon. Gameplay-wise, the SU-130PM is a compact vehicle with decent mobility, great camo and a hard-hitting gun with an alpha of 520 and a penetration of 243 mm with a standard round. You can hardly call this gun a sniper as its base accuracy is 0.35, but it still allows you to be effective at almost any distance.

The SU-130PM is agile enough to benefit from switching flanks and firing positions. Its top speed is 65 km/h but it’s attainable after a period of time and on terrain with good traction—off-road it doesn’t perform so well. The cruising speed of the SU-130PM is between 45–55 km/h.

The SU-130PM is very scantily armoured, has a small HP pool of 1100 points and a limited horizontal firing arc of 155 degrees. To survive in battle, you’ll need to rely on camouflage and using your mobility wisely. In resume, the SU-130P will be the Soviet version of the already in-game Skorpion G, but with better camouflage values.


Last but not least, you should note this will be the first turreted Soviet tank destroyer, possibly opening the doors to the introduction of a new branch of Soviet turreted tank destroyers. Until we can confirm this, we will have to wait and see what will turn out of this vehicle.

15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks Supertest: SU-130PM Soviet Tank Destroyer

  1. Will be op as ****. Wg is done balancing existing tanks apparently except buffing soviet ones.

  2. What’s wrong with Wargaming? Only one new Russian premium tank so far this week, and it’s Monday already?

  3. 0.35 accuracy is actually ridiculously good for a 130mm gun… I mean, 0.35 is better accuracy than most tanks have at tier VIII.

  4. Oh boy. Another Russian premium tank. Funny how the game version has a more powerful gun than what was reality. Can’t have a German tank, such as the Scorpion G, outperform the Russian tanks now can we.


  5. As someone who likes both his German & Russian TDs I’m gleefully rubbing my hands together over this puppy.

  6. Anyone wanna tell WG that we have enough Soviet vehicles for at least a decade and that they could give another nation some love?

  7. Warthunder already has the legitimate version of this in their game.

    Leave it to Wargaming though to bastardize it and throw it in to keep the bias real.

  8. I’m more interested in the SPG version. The game badly needs some premium SPGs.

    Do it
    Do it
    Do it
    Do it
    Do it
    Do it
    Do it

  9. Why make up a version of the tank that was never existed, even on blueprints? Just use the SU-152G and leave the SU-152P and SU-100P to be implemented in the tech tree in a proper Turreted TD branch, (which will probably have either the SU-152 Taran or Obj 268 V5 as the tier 10).

  10. its a Russian game ffs, who cares. you would expect that same thing if the designers were from your country.

  11. More high alpha bull****. 500+ is the new norm in t8 apparently because meds and heavies with 440 wasn’t enough

  12. the worst thing is that this version never existed, only the 100mm and the two 152mm

  13. Well the thing is, Russia produced more prototype tanks and TDs than any other nation.

  14. it s like the 128mm/L61 gun of the WT auf Pz IV in tier IX. same accuracy, same Alpha, nearly the same Penetration and the same aiming time, just on tier VIII. even the tank looks like the WT auf Pz IV.

  15. Yes. But better because it’s Russian.

  16. The Skorpion G is the most played tank in the game, must be mortifying to all the Russian fanboys. So this is what happens.

  17. The SU-130P will be the Soviet version of the already in-game Skorpion G, but with better camouflage values. And maybe better gun with better dmg and penetration …. hehehehhehehehe what a SCRUBS

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