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World of Tanks Supertest: STG “Guard” – Russian Premium Medium

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For those who don’t know, STG is a Tier VIII Russian Premium Medium, currently still under Supertest. With Update 9.20 a “Hero” version of this vehicle has showed up. Just like Object 252U “Defender”, the STG will be available in both versions.

WOT-Express believes the tank will be made available in September, as a celebration of Day of Tank Crew Member 2017 (???? ???????? 2017), but this can’t be guaranteed. While it can look just like another Russian Premium Medium, the tank itself it’s pretty decent and could be a good alternative to T-54 first prototype or T-44-100.

Source: WOT-Express



Tier VIII Medium Tank
Hit Points
Gun 122mm D-25TA
Shell Type AP / APCR / HE
Shell Avg. Penetration 212 / 248 / 61
Shell Avg. Damage 390 / 390 / 530
Reload Time 13.43s
Rate of Fire 4.469
Aiming Time 2.4
Average Damage per Minute 1,743.1
Accuracy 0.316
Gun Depression/Elevation Angles -6 / +17
Hull / Turret Traverse Speed  36.5 / 45
Top Speed / Reverse Speed  50 / 20
Terrain Resistance
Hard 0.671
Medium 0.767
Soft 1.534
Hull Armour  100 / 45 / 45
Turret Armour  210 / 85 / 45
Weigh/Load Limit  28t / 30t
Engine Power  400
Specific Power  14.29
Concealment of Stationary Vehicle  32.9 %
Concealment of Moving Vehicle  25.5 %
View Range  370m
Signal Range  730m
Crew  4


15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks Supertest: STG “Guard” – Russian Premium Medium

  1. Look I don’t mind new premiums, but how about some tier 8 british premiums? Like we have one, where even france or china have WAY more, while their tech trees are smaller, come on there is SO much in terms of blueprints and stuff give us something.

    OT: turret armour looks a bit much in combo with the great gun, camo rating and decent mobility. Otherwise its okay, but it does look pretty much better in every way than the ravioli, all that has is some gun depression, but oh well its soviet so we can hardly expect it to be similar/worse.

  2. Well at least it isn’t some IS/IS-3/T-44/T-54 clone.
    Compared to the Ravioli, it indeed looks better on paper. But we have no information about the gun soft stats (maybe they’re average bad so the tank will perform worse when moving), the engine is mounted at the front (like the A-44, which severely annoyed me), the view range is lower than on the Rav and US meds and that lack of gun depression is painful on a medium. Oh, and the DPM is shiet so it will be vulnerable when rushed.
    I’ll wait to see its performance on the live server.

  3. I think this one is far from being OP. Check it up the stats.

  4. There are so many nationality/tank lines that have no trainers it would be nicer if WOT came up with some for them instead of endless Russians. Yes they won the war with their blood and steel, but they are already over represented in premiums. It would be better for their sales also. How many people get pulled into their on track events in lines without premiums? Maybe time release of other country premiums with on track events.

  5. its op for you because whiners like you (and your friends) don’t know how to beat it

  6. I also would like to see premiums for other nations, but keep in mind that Russia is the biggest market for WG. Players on the RU server love to see more of this vehicles, and WG would be stupid if they won’t do that.

  7. Adding to what was said above me, WG has better access to Russia’s archives and is able to pull more concepts and prototypes from there, compared to EU/US where it’s harder to dig around in.

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