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Supertest: Soviet Heavy Tank ST-II Spotted

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It wasn’t long ago, we heard World of Tanks developers mentioning the possibility of introducing an interesting, lets put it that way, tank into the game. Of course, all the quirky designs mostly come from your truly loved Mother Russia and what else could we be talking about if not the Soviet Heavy Tank ST-II.

The vehicle is being said to have entered a closed Supertest stage, and by closed we are talking about an internal test by Wargaming staff. No much details about the vehicle have been shared, no Tier, no stats and not much about the game mechanic that will be introduced with it. WOT Express as shared information, which I was unable to confirm, that the vehicle will have a new gun mechanism that will enable it to either shoot both barrels at the same time, with a reload time of 15-17 seconds, or, if you would like to shoot your enemies faster, you can use the single shot, alternating guns, every 5-7 seconds.

Of course, who wouldn’t want yet another overpowered, broken, very balanced Soviet heavy tank in the game? Especially if it came from a napkin design that very much embeds the Soviet propaganda machine, where all Soviet tanks are balanced. Jokes aside, I find it curious why such a vehicle would even be considered to be introduced in the game, and if it really makes it to the game, I wonder how much it will break gameplay.

Nonetheless, the vehicle is in very much early stages of test and might never make it to the game, but what are your thoughts? Would you like to see such tank in-game or is this just to much of a fantasy that should be kept outside of the game? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section.

Source: WOT Express

24 thoughts on “Supertest: Soviet Heavy Tank ST-II Spotted

  1. I want the drugs that Wargaming is having whats next the Ratte P1000

  2. In the mean time those of waiting patiently for a real tank to be introduced into the game,The Chieftain 6, sit back and shake our head at this…TRIPE!
    And to think WG are hesitating in bringing the Chief into the game for fear of ‘breaking the game’.

  3. If there going to add double barrel guns to the game maybe they should start testing by adding the second guns the tanks like the M3 Lee, Grant and the B1 to get some better feed back on the idea then if the feed back is good then bring in double barrel tanks. But that’s just my thoughts.

    1. That is different because that requires multiple mechanics and would create a lot of headaches for balance. They would have to get multi turret functionality working, rework tank models to animate the guns, rebalance multiple tanks that use it all for what is basically mid/low tier tanks that don’t make them hardly any money.

    2. Except multi turret and guns works already, remember the Leviathan event.

    3. @SpaceC0re You’re forgetting that that game mode was just a fun more and thus balance wasn’t an issue. People cite that game mode as an example to support multi turrets but its frankly a piss poor example.

  4. I have been playing for 6 years now and yes I have bitched and complained about a lot of things. I have done it because I hate seeing what the game has become and WG seems like they don’t care about anything except money. The clown cars came close to making me be done with anything WG. If this monstrosity makes it into the game I will be done.

    1. Yeah. I’ve played almost 7 years aswell and im really disappointed too:/

  5. There’s difference with double-barrel and double turret tanks.

    This will work more or less like 2shell progetto. Probably with lower alpha. And will have high skill cap, but armor layout – i think it will be exactly the same as tier 9.

  6. Don,t worry it can have 5 or more barels it doesn,t matter our arty will bite him to the death anyway…:)

  7. it is a mutant…scrap that … to replace IS4 with this is an error that bring wg down to nothing…they are more and more desperate to do something but clearly they don’t have a clue what to do to atract more and more payer (not players) to fill their waletts

    1. Am i the only one getting CnC: Red Alert vibes from this…?

    2. EHEH! That was my first thought too 🙂 Good old game.

  8. A high skill cap on a Russian tank? I doubt it. Decent mobility, good armour and devastating firepower balanced by… umm… oh yeah, other Russian Bobjects. Probably has a sub par standard round with a stupidly OP HEAT round.

  9. I like the idea just as long as it is capable of doing the effective damage of the death star or WT E100 those tanks can devastate most players in a match.

  10. So looks like the IS-4 {buff} is coming after all.
    Aka: Moving the IS-4 back to tier 9 like it was in Beta and bumping the ST-I up to 10 and turning it into this dual gunned beast.

  11. Is this going to be the Tier IX reward tank for either the Ranked Battles or Frontline?

    1. And even before that there were talks to bring it to the game. Devs also mentioned several times the ST-II during Q&A over the last two years.

  12. I can’t quite figure out what guns they’re meant to be from. Kinda looks like dual Obj. 140, 100mm guns. If so then I guess 320alpha every 5-7 seconds or or 640alpha every 15-17 seconds would potentially be balanced.

    Having said that, they look more like the 440alpha damage gun on T-10, which would be stupidly broken, and make me glad I’ve already quit the game.

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