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World of Tanks Supertest: IS-M – Rear Turret Soviet Heavy Branch

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Ever wondered if Wargaming was going to introduce the IS-M, a rear turret version of the famous IS? Well, today Wargaming just announced a brand new rear turret branch is coming to Supertest with three new vehicles: IS-M, Object 705 and Object 705A.

Armour is the key feature of these three new vehicles: steel monsters with mean guns, with sufficient penetration and one-time damage above the average. Mobility isn’t their strength, but these vehicles were designed to take heavy punishment while defending an area, so flanking your enemies isn’t an option.

The first tank to enter Supertest will be the Tier VIII: IS-M. This vehicle was a modernized version of the Soviet heavy tank IS-2. In the game, this will be a fairly simple tank to play with.


Initial Stats

Tier VIII Heavy Tank
Hit Points
Hull Armour120 / 120 / 80 mm
Turret Armour250 / 140 / 120 mm
Shell Avg. Penetration212 / 240 / 68 mm
Shell Avg. Damage390 / 390 / 530
Reload Time12.6s
Rate of Fire4.76 rounds/minute
Aiming Time3s
Average Damage per Minute1,857
Turret Traverse Speed32 deg/s
Traverse Speed26 deg/s
Top Speed / Reverse Speed35 / 12 km/h
View Range350m

15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks Supertest: IS-M – Rear Turret Soviet Heavy Branch

  1. This is the sort of crap WG should be putting-up for non-tree Prize Tanks, instead of iconic production tanks like the M60 …

  2. Kinda agree and not. M60 for example, is very similar to M48… So M60 kinda fits perfect in a “special” vehicle category, rather than just another Tier X. I think the more the better, I’m glad WG is adding new free tanks so everyone can grind, instead of making three new Premium tanks for example…

  3. So is this Tier 8 going to be pitted against Tier 9-10s in almost every battle. It sucks the fun out of this game when you are the unlucky bum who gets seal clubbed every freaking time by the tier 10s.

  4. Tier 10 is to be the Obj 705A? as in, rear turreted IS-7 on roids with a 152mm M53 main armament Obj 705A? As in, the 152mm M53 gun that they were going to put on the Obj 268 Ver 4 that was going to have 293 / 360 / 90 penetration?

    I’m going all tingly in my trousers

  5. This is exactly what is killing WoT for me. I love since if my tier8 tanks but they are utterly overmatched in a tier 10 game.

    I won’t be buying any VIII vehicles for Christmas.

  6. It’s like you didnt even bother reading past the first word. If you made it to the end of the first paragraph then you would know this is a new tier 8 for a regular branch in the tech tree…

  7. @Harkonnen – But having a tech tree version of M60 as a tier 10 US medium tank and downtiering other Patton/Pershing vehicles could make the line much closer to their capabilities, wouldn’t it?
    We could have M26 Pershing as a tier 7 medium (With the 90mm M3 gun as it’s top gun and worse soft stats, but that might be bit of a stretch), Tier 8 could be filled by M46 or M47 Patton (it would get the historical 90mm gun, like the japanese have), on tier 9 we could have historical 90mm armed M48 (though maybe with the possibility of mounting 150mm M68 gun as an alternative, or maybe with some tweaks as a top gun), and M60 would be the pinnacle of the line (with M48A5 as an alternate tier X or special tank)… This way we could get us medium line closer to their IRL counterparts, and also bring their historical eras closer together…

  8. Yes it’s true, but I don’t see any problem with the branch ATM and I actually like it as it is. All tanks are good for their tiers as they are. For me, if the M60 wasn’t a CW reward then it would be a nice second Tier X from the Tier IX. But I like your solution too.

  9. Looks like the IS-2H from Blitz. Though looking at the pen. seems a bit….low. Though curious to see more about this.

  10. New tanks are always welcome to the game. But meh, let’s hope this is not going to be another BIAS’ed soviet line. I enjoy soviet tanks (as it’s probably the nation with which I played more battles with) but I also like diversity. Looking forward to the tier 8 and 9 first stats aswell (And also about the T-10 and Obj 430)

  11. No its not. It is a heavy tank. We had a marathon for it and is considered by some to be worse than the IS-3 or possibly even the IS-5. I only have the IS-5 and it’s rather horrible for me. So thanks but no thanks.

  12. i thought the IS-5 is a slightly better tank than the IS-3…i might sell that once i have it….

  13. its the same tank but with is different name…just like the type 62 and wz-131

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