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World of Tanks Supertest: Province Map Rework

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Player have been asking Wargaming to return some removed maps. Currently Wargaming is focusing on HD maps, but that doesn’t mean some time to start working on older maps.

Province seems to be the first map Wargaming has decided to start reworking, and possibly, return it to the game. There are currently two versions in Supertest, while they are similar in the central area, there are several differences that map each map an unique experience.

Province Version 1

Province Version 2


15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks Supertest: Province Map Rework

  1. I’d like they used version 1 with the access in version 2 to the new areas in the East and the West. A mix of the two. That way you keep the feel of the original, more present on v1 and combine it with the access the the new spaces in v2.

  2. well the 2nd version looks more promising, just the 1st version has a better tunnel (would be great the fights in there, maybe cause of protection from arty ? xP ) and the water p***age (after the bridge on the 2nd version) looks too deep, but it was a tetrarch …

  3. I hope that the cap circles will not be there on the both versions. Version 2 then both teams can move to the cap rly fast and version 1 teh both cap is very close so you cna reset very easy.

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