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World of Tanks Supertest: Province Map Coming Soon

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With the close release of the first Italian tank into the game, an old map gets put into Supertest for its final review. Province is coming back soon if tests prove successful and like its name, we will have an all Italian map added back to the game.


The map was too complicated for new players and too small for high Tier play – so Wargaming created a new prototype that will allow to alleviate old problems and bring Province back into Random Battles while keeping the best of its signature features.


Province: what was changed?

First of all, the size. Moved from the original 600m×600m to a more spacious 850m×850m, allowing to use the map for high Tier vehicles. A longer distance between the opposite slopes will make camo-based play possible, but keep spotting relevant. Currently, it’s a bit over 500m – which is optimal: just enough to hit an enemy on the other side if spotting is provided.


Second, gameplay was changed. Province used to be a place for fast spotting and quick shootouts. To win, you only needed better camo and sight range. On the new version of the map, everything will be less streamlined.

Winning will require moving: not just occupying your slope, but attacking the other one. If you don’t press forward, the enemy will for sure. An assault will be quite an undertaking: a part of your team will have to approach the enemy while the other part provides fire support. The attack group will have it hard, risking being hit or running into the other side’s attackers – but if you manage to reach key positions, you’ll be able to break through your opponents’ defence.


Third, new opportunities and enough room for tactical experimentation were created. Though the map is compact, there are multiple possible battle scenarios. You may try to take positions by your enemies’ way downhill and lock them in the canyon, or try the long serpentine road for a multi-pronged attack. It may happen so that the teams trade places and will have to storm their own starting positions, moving in a circle.

What will become of it?

The Supertest results will show. Currently, the map is very close to getting back into Random Battles, the good old Province that will require more of you than fully developed Crew Camouflage skills and a masking net on a low-level tank.


15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks Supertest: Province Map Coming Soon

  1. “Moved from the original 600m×600m to a more spacious 850m×850m, allowing to use the map for high Tier vehicles.”

    Perfect for low tier tanks. Maps for high tier tanks should be well over 1200mX1200m, I’d suggest a minimum of 1500×1500, as no tank should have a view range of 1/4 of a map.

  2. per view range does not matter because there is vary few spots on a map that you can fully use a long view range of say 425 without hitting a object like a hill,building or rock. and that effectively manages view range a lot.

  3. the main question has to be “will low tiers see it? still” (we are talking tier 1,2 and 3) and what other maps will they see as abby has been a really great map for tier 1 and 2 now.

  4. In my opinion this map will still be a camping map with a light tanks’ fight to be able to proxy spot the enemies. Not sure if pushes will be a thing on this map as they can be easily dealt with.Leveling the south and the north to the hill level and adding more cover there might be a solution.

  5. Perfect new campingberg, thats exactly what everyone wanted! GG WG! Again only TD and SPG will be doing good on this crap map, because both cl***es are build for camping.

  6. No matter what they do, as long as there is a bush and open space, camping is granted. Spotting mechanism, which I think, is crappy, makes rhe gameplay frustrating. I mean really have you ever played a game whete shots can come out of nowhere (unspotted). Really stupid system.

  7. The spotting system is fine. Of course unspotted shots are possible in real tank battles, too. And I can see why they did it in the game. It differentiates the tanks. Also can you imagine the TD campfest if every tank was lit all the time?

  8. Perfect. we have too many maps for ht and mt. (all bergs, when returns stalingrad, and kharkow, so we need more td and arty maps. but i agree to others they must be large maps for higher tiers. 600×600 – 800×800 tiers 1-3, 800×800 – 1000×1000 4-6 tiers, 1000×1000 – 1500×1500 tiers 7-10

  9. We have 1500×1500 maps and they are to big for 15vs15. If it’s already bad if a scout is the last alive versus a slow heavy, imagine if it’s a bigger size map. All maps should be 1000×1000, or better yet, make them 1200×1200 so they can use the real 1000×1000 to create gameplay area. The issue with some maps is that it’s 1000×1000 and then they fill up the borders with clutter and the map gets smaller. .

  10. Just because there are rocks, buildings, etc doesn’t give them an excuse to make top tier tanks play on maps like Mines. Based on that, they should be able to play on all the maps in the game. That is just lazy development. Now, it would be able to take some of the existing maps and make them larger due to the additional scenery that was added to the maps in 1.0 beyond the borders.

  11. Have I ever played a game where I was ambushed by a camouflaged enemy (unspotted)? Yeah, that is why camouflage is a thing. Maybe you should look up camouflage on wikipedia.

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