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World of Tanks Supertest: Province Changes

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While a lot of players rejoiced with the return of Province, just a few days later a lot of feedback was being sent to Wargaming because the map isn’t balanced correctly. Today the map will be released to Supertest with some changes, where Wargaming hopes to fix the issues.

These changes aren’t final, Wargaming will decide to introduce them or to continue further testing depending on test results,  Wargaming won’t introduce any Tier limitations to the map either, at least for now, because they need more data to see if the maps is viable for high Tiers or not. But at least they made the first step to acknowledge the map needs re-balancing by introducing these changes.


  1. The southwestern corner of the map. Several houses have been moved so it’s easier for the western team to shoot at their opponents right from the start. (The eastern side is already able to do that.)
  1. Near the monastery, on the eastern side’s mountain slope. The nearby buildings’ geometry has changed, allowing the team attacking from below and firing from behind them to be more efficient.
  2. Added a cover that will help the western team in a fight for the eastern team’s mountain slope.
  3. After the western side takes the position mentioned in (3), they can advance to a large rock which now is more comfortable as a cover and offers better protection from tank destroyer fire.
  4. Both teams’ bases. Added several covered positions inside the capture circles to decrease the number of draws. In the current map setup, it’s almost impossible to capture a base, both can be shot through from any slope. The cover will increase chances to grab a base, and will also make the defending team play more active.
  5. Cover the backs of tankers from the western team defending the uphill road from the eastern attackers. Currently, they are often shot at from the opposing slope.

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  1. Why do I have the feeling, the cover they put in the bases’ edges are on the wrong side of the circles? xD

  2. I guess they think caping is only viable once the battle has progressed to where teams have almost switched sides…?

  3. And these issues didn’t show up in the intial testing of the map why exactly? Some of these issues are glaringly obvious after just a few rounds of the map…

  4. I have a feeling supertest involves 5 or 6 players driving new tanks around new maps like it’s a training room…

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