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World of Tanks Supertest: Preferential MM Tanks

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World of Tanks Supertest continues working on changes to Preferential Matchmaking tanks  More buffs were introduced, nothing extreme, in hopes to improve these vehicles performance and efficiency. Don’t forget, these tanks never see Tier X, so they can’t be buffed to the same level of a T26E5 or a Skorpion G, but overall the changes should make these tanks a bit better facing Tier IX.

Last but not least, don’t forget these changes aren’t final and they may change before they are introduced to the live server.

T26E4 Super Pershing

  • Engine power/ton increased to 12 h.p./t (+2.1 h.p./t)
  • Damage per minute increased to 1,800 HP (+50 HP)
  • Standard shell penetration changed to 202mm (+10mm)

Type 59

  • Aiming time changed to 2s (-0.3 s)
  • Engine power changed to 650 h.p (+130 h.p.)
  • Engine power/ton increased to 18.1 h.p./t (+3.66 h.p./t)
  • Damage per minute changed to 1,775 HP (+50HP)
  • Dispersion on hull traverse changed to 0.1 (-0.02)


  • Standard shell penetration changed to 182mm (+7mm)
  • Aiming time changed to 2.8s (-0.6s)
  • Dispersion at 100 m changed to 0.44 (-0.02)
  • 122mm D-30 gun ammunition changed to 37 (+7)


  • Standard shell penetration changed to 182mm (+7mm)
  • Damage per minute increased to 1,850 HP (+50 HP)
  • Dispersion at 100 m changed to 0.44 (-0.02)
  • Aiming time changed to 3.0s (-0.4s)
  • HEAT shell speed changed to 720 m/s (+80 m/s)


  • Standard shell penetration changed to 182mm (+7mm)
  • HEAT shell speed changed to 720 m/s (+80 m/s)
  • Dispersion at 100 m changed to 0.42 (-0.02)
  • Aiming time changed to 2.8s (-0.2s)


  • Standard shell penetration changed to 204mm (+6mm)
  • Reverse speed changed to 14 km/h (+4 km/h)
  • Traverse speed changed to 28 deg/s (+4 deg/s)
  • Dispersion on hull traverse changed to 0.16 (0.02)


  • Standard shell penetration changed to 182mm (+7mm)
  • HEAT shell speed changed to 720 m/s (+80 m/s)
  • Dispersion at 100 m changed to 0.44 (-0.02)
  • Gun depression angle changed to -6.5 deg (+1.5 deg)
  • Dispersion during movement changed to 0.16 (-0.02)
  • Dispersion on suspension traverse changed to 0.16 (-0.02)


  • Standard shell penetration changed to 182mm (+14mm)
  • Aiming time changed to 2.3s (-0.6s)
  • Reverse speed changed to 14 km/h (+3 km/h)
  • Dispersion at 100m changed to 0.4 (-0.03)
  • Radio Operator turret armour changed to 160-170mm (+20mm)

8.8 cm PAK 43 Jagdtiger

  • Standard shell penetration changed to 212mm (+9mm)
  • Aiming time changed to 1.8s (-0.2s)
  • Hit Points changed to 1,500 HP (+ 200 HP)
  • Traverse speed changed to 32 deg/s (+6 deg/s)
  • Reverse speed changed to 16 km/h (+4 km/h)

Armour Changes

17 thoughts on “World of Tanks Supertest: Preferential MM Tanks

  1. Good job WG…
    Instead of changing poorly made MM, they are buffing tanks so that in rare moments when these heavies are top tier tanks, enemies in lower tier tanks can go **** themselfs just as IS-6 can go **** himself with his pen against any tier VIII or tier IX heavy tank.
    I don’t know, sometimes I have a feeling that nobody at WG plays or loves WOT.

    1. Didnt you notice the uproar when they tried to remove preferential MM? The community had a crazy negative reaction. I think this is a good compromise. Its not perfect, i still think the premise of 3/5/7 should be selected last with all same tier being attempted first… but, i’ll take this as a start, ALL these pref mm tanks sit in the garage with no love (save for the type 59)… now i can give them a go again!

    2. Still he has a point, those tanks are alright, main problem is matchmaking, wg should just fix matchmaking and those tanks would be much better,still not good because of how many new tanks have been added to tier 8. Some changes are good some are just retarded and far from perfect, like buffing 175 pen guns to 182, its just pointless

  2. 8.8 JgTig definitely need this improvements – love to play this tank though it is underpowered

  3. Hmm, if they’re buffing the penetration of the 8.8 cm PAK 43 gun to 212 mm they really should buff the Tiger Is penetration to 212 mm aswell :/

    1. No… they shouldn’t. Tiger I already has one of the highest penetration values of all tier 7 heavies (2nd only to the AMX M4 45), combined with the highest DPM.

    2. The Tiger I should be a tier VI and not have the long 88 (only the L/56 short 88 it had historically). WG knows this and is the reason all the premium Tiger Is are tier VI and equipped as such. The armor actually works sometimes at tier VI.

      That said, the long 88 SHOULD have higher pen if it is to mirror history. Post-war tests versus vertical armor (allowing direct comparisons to allied weapons) showed a base AP pen of 232mm for the long 88 (304mm for APCR). This is what the pen on the JT88 should be to be historical. See here the penetration comparison:

      The same is true for the short-barrelled L/56 88mm on the Tiger I historically. Pen should be 162mm for AP and 219mm for APCR. Again this comes from post-war tests versus vertical armor, allowing direct comparisons to allied guns. This is what all tier VI Tiger Is should have to be historical.

      This discrepancy actually exists for almost all German guns in WoT. This is due to Germany being alone among all tank-producing nations to use penetration tests versus armor angled back at 30 degrees rather than vertical, which will artifically reduce the pen data due to the shells needing to overcome the effective armor of angled steel. WG simply plugged the numbers from German wartime tests (versus 30 degree armor) in to WoT to establish German gun performance. Since all other guns in game are using data from pen tests versus vertical armor, German guns are effectively nerfed compared to everyone else in game. This is one of the sources of of Russian bias in this game. I’m not sure if it’s bias so much or just incompetence when interpreting historical data.



    3. The only difference between these 2 guns are that one is called “Kw.K” while the other one is called “Pak”. They have the same caliber, they have the same barrel length, they belong to the same nation, and I wouldn’t even be surprised if it’s the same gun only that WG gave it a different name. So I honestly don’t see any logical reason to buff one of the guns but not the other one. It’s not really any risk of making Tiger I overpowered just because of this small change.

    4. Agreed. The KwK43 and PaK43 differed only in their mounting hardware. The weapon itself is identical.


    5. Honestly, the Tiger I at tier VI with 162mm AP and 219mm APCR would be a very fun tank to play, while not being OP due to the armor layout and the lower accuracy of the L/56. Bring the Tiger II down to tier VII and that one would be good as well. WG already has a Tiger II (H) at tier VII in the game files, so I think they realize this is the best way forward.



    6. @Fafnir_6: I completely agree regarding your suggestion to move Tiger to tier 6 and Königstiger to tier 7. Regarding the gun on the Tiger, it’s fine if they’d give it the L/56 as top gun, but I think that it should keep the penetration and accuracy from the L/71 gun. That would also require them to remove the L/56 gun from the VK 36.01 H, but IIRC the first tank to mount the L/56 gun (which actually was a high velocity anti-air gun) was the Tiger, so that would just improve the historical accuracy.

  4. Don’t buff anything but the penetration, which should be at least 200 for standard ammunition and 230 for premium ammunition so the tanks can actually have 50% chance or slightly above to penetrate “weak spots” on tanks like the Maushen, Defender, T26E5, … This way the tanks can actually fight against the same and higher tier tanks without screwing over lower tier tanks trying to fight them.

  5. Give IS-6 HEAT premium ammo as Chinese 122mm guns have.
    Simply, 217 or 225 as proposed after buffs is joke with derpy gun handling it have.

  6. what are they planning to do with the FCM 50 T also a tier 8 with pref mm

  7. the 50T will get a DPM buff aling with an engine power buff giving it about 23hp per ton

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