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World of Tanks Supertest: Polish Tanks Revealed

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Wargaming has decided to reveal all the Polish tanks that are upcoming to the game. These vehicles will soon enter Supertest in stages, starting with the high tiers. As announced before, the Polish tech tree will be a mixed one, starting with light tanks at lower tiers, medium tanks in the middle tiers and finishing with three heavy tanks at the top tiers.

Tier I – 4TP (Light)

Tier II – 7TP (Light)

Tier III – 10TP (Light)

Tier IV – 14TP (Light)

Tier V – 25TP KSUS II (Medium)

Tier VI – 40TP Habicha (Medium)

Tier VII – 45TP Habicha (Heavy)

Tier VIII – 53TP Markowskiego (Heavy)

Tier IX – 50TP Tyszkiewicza (Heavy)

Tier X – 60TP Lewandowskiego (Heavy)

15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks Supertest: Polish Tanks Revealed

  1. The 60TP looks like the hull of the ST-I and the turret of the M103 without the large commander cupola… I’m ok with this

  2. Just based on the visuals, the highlights of this tree for me are the tier 5 and tier 10. Stats wise though, we’ll have to wait and see which of this vehicles stand out compared to other tanks in their tiers.

  3. Hungarian tech tree? No need more hígh tier russian tank in the game.
    Polak tech tree? Yes need more half russian tanks in the game.

  4. Awesome more uninspired russian looking tanks…. exactly what the game needed.

  5. Quite a lot of people want them, so yeah, that’s what they need.

  6. Polish tanks: decades of tank development and tank warfare. Meanwhile real combat proven tanks are not in the game: Merkava Mk I or Sherman M-51

  7. m4 rev? the same just other name, no harcopytanks more pls

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