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World of Tanks Supertest: Poland Map

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While Polish tanks are going through their Supertest stage, a new map will be coming out together with them and it’s already in its final stages. This map combines open spaces with some brawling spots. It’s not based on any historical location in particular, but the environment is undoubtedly Polish: large fields, lots of vegetation, small village houses centred around a tall Catholic church building (ko?ció?). A small brick factory sits right in the middle of this location.

Poland Map (2)

The map has three gameplay zones:

  1. The brick factory is for those driving vehicles with a thick hide. It’s protected from tank destroyer fire, but you may feel a shell coming from another part of the map. Control the factory to help your allies extend their attacks on neighbouring routes or to defend, should you lose the flanks. The dried riverbed splitting the factory is a place of interest for fast light tanks and for vehicles with good gun depression: here you can promptly secure a flank.
  2. The central part of the map can be used to spot enemies at the beginning of the battle. It suits light tanks and fast mediums. A ditch goes from the factory to the village; use it to spot the opponents or to flank them when they least expect it. The field is surrounded by hills with some concealing shrubbery, offering nice striking positions and a safe passage to the village.
  3. The village is a place for every vehicle class: lots of covers (both destructible and indestructible), bushes, and shoot-throughs. Capture it to assist your buddies at the factory or to set up a final assault on the enemy base.