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World of Tanks Supertest: Object 726 Incoming!

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Ever wondered if Wargaming would introduce Soviet heavy tanks like Object 279 and Object 726 to the game?  If you are one of the players who really want them to introduce these tanks to the game, fear not, Wargaming just announced Object 726 entering Supertest!


Object 726 will be a Soviet Tier X heavy tank entering Supertest today! It will surprise a lot of players with its unusual look and four tracks! Second thing players might notice is the lack of lower plate and the extreme angle on its side armour, very similar to Object 907.


While I find the tank interesting to be in the game, I’m not 100% sure how Wargaming will balance the tank, as the initial stats show the vehicle will be very good at its role: heavy tank! With very strong frontal armour, the usual troll Russian side armour and an amazing gun for a heavy tank, Wargaming decided to balance it out with the lack of mobility. Maybe it will work out better thank Object 268 version IV, but only the Supertest results will tell us if it really needs a nerf or not.

Object 726 Pictures

15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks Supertest: Object 726 Incoming!

  1. More Russian heavy/medium tanks please.. Because everyone clearly asked for them

  2. Wargaming have apparently never heard of the saying “When you’re in a hole, stop digging”.

  3. I’m sure the Russian players asked for them and will get them, because they are the biggest player base in WOT.

  4. Fifth HT tank line? First – its great that it will be researchable! I would be more mad if it is prem VIII and clanwar reward X or something like that – and it would be even understandable for such unique things to be “standalone tanks”. But fifth line (+Obj.260)? Six nations (seven with Poland) have that many or less tech-tree tierXs.

  5. I think it might be very innovative approach from WG to make track repair time to be its Achilles ‘ heel – make it like triple (or even more) of standard HT. I dont know if it is the best way how to balance it but it would be new and interesting way.

  6. Russian line is gonna have 12 tier 10s researchable, im ****ing sick of the reds

  7. Why would it take more time to repair the track if only one of the four broke?

  8. It won’t make much of a difference with reusable consumables.

  9. Lmao WG printing out OP russian heavies like there’s no tomorrow.

  10. And take into consideration, that there’s another one russian heavy tank, which is similar to this one and it is called Obj 279. .. This game doesn’t need anymore russian heavy tanks!!

  11. they realised the hole is so deep its less effort to dig to the other side of the globe and climb out there…

  12. ‘Maybe it will work out better than Object 268 version IV, but only the Supertest results will tell us if it really needs a nerf or not.’
    What did super test say about Defender or Object 268 v.4? And if they said anything, did anyone listen?

  13. If the russins want these OP tanks, why not just release them on their server and leave the normal guys on other servers to get on with a more balanced game.

  14. eh?!?!, yeah i want tanks with 4 tracks, but how wg is doing the things, right now i feel like maybe i need a break out of this game again… maybe go back to Heros ofthe storm will be good.
    Balance?? are you specting this company to do their job?? just shoot gold that is how they are going to balance it, and maybe wg will give it a derp gun because rusia needs a type 5

  15. The game does not not need more russian tanks (double negative), it should have all the tanks there are, which can be balanced including a few blueprints and extrapolations maybe.
    WG should really try to implement tanks for each nation more evenly. This focus on red army troll tanks is so terribly annoying, it requires sophisticated profanity. But what can you expect drom ****stalinist WG ***** who are using tank and engineering history as their high value ******?

  16. Another overpowered tank. With that hull angle and 350 turret, it will be fairly hard to pen it.

  17. im waiting for Obj.120 aka Su-152 Taran in game. the stat of 152mm gun in WT: penetration= 380/480(APDSFS/HEATFS) i think WG will fix this penetrstion to 310/425mm(APCR/HEAT) :)))

  18. I imagine it will be the top vehicle of the second set of personal missions, as that’s what they’ve been revealing to us for the past days/weeks.

  19. I’ve heard something about replacement IS4. And maybe this is it, it makes perfect sense. Gun is the same, tough sides too, similar top speed, but everything much better off course.

  20. Watch them make it able to continue driving with a broken track (albeit at ~half speed) instead, because it’s got 4 tracks.

  21. To some degree it makes sense, nobody had more heavy tank prototypes than the Soviets.

  22. The Object 279 has an saucer-like shield around its hull , that’s so steeply angled that it’d probably autobounce anything that doesn’t overmatch it. And then the actual hull armor is underneath that. I don’t know how thick that outer shield is. Like if it’s 45mm or more that would be completely game-breaking.

  23. WG could make this into a new heavy line if they use the obj 279.

  24. I say its only fair to let everyone to get a tank like the very op 907, we been calling for 907 nerfs for awhile if we get this maybe then at least we can go out and say we can play like a 907, I think everyone should get a chance to get a 907 with bonds give everyone for a sht ton of bonds one clan wars reward tank. Make it like 15k bonds then give everyone a chance to pick one of the clan wars reward tanks and give the people who have the 907 a special camo and decals to show they worked in clan wars to get it. Maybe even give the camo a 4 percent value for the clan wars guys so they are rewarded for getting it that way. This way the clan wars guys get all 4 but the rest of us get the chance at one . I don’t know how upset people will be that got this by clan wars but the pz 7 worked out ok and that’s almost the same as the vk 7201 btw that just got crazy op premium rounds like 360 pen or something while the vk 7 suffers from low pen on its ap.

  25. PS . I play on NA and love the clan im in but we just don’t have the numbers to do clan wars and would love to get one of those tanks. Idk if everyone knows but its pretty hard to get 15k bonds I have almost 9000 and I been saving since the start of the bonds and its going to take me a very long time to get another 6000 . I have a 260 and wouldn’t care if they gave them out for bonds as long as I had the chance at a special camo that said I earned it by missions. I collect tanks and I would love just to get it to add to my collection. Or if not this I hope they put out some unique tanks for bonds because the improved equipment is bad for the game and I refuse to spend my bonds on that crap. I would also like to see camos and decals for bonds not the ones for gold but a few special ones you get for bonds. But really want a tier ten tank for bonds that would be awesome. Or maybe like the personal missions do 4 of them each one more bonds like a tiers 6 to 10. I heard they might do a tier 8 wish they would do a tier ten because spending my bonds they took me forever to get only on a tier 8 that I probably will never play would kinda be a waste almost have all the tier tens and would like to collect more unique ones.

  26. I agree would love to see this tank in the game . There is tons of tanks like it they probably could make a whole line of tds . yes I know more Russians but in the ends its more tanks to play and get .

  27. They will have to make hitting the mid tracks count as weak spaced armor so it has a weak spot on the 726. I hope this is a sign we will see the obj 279 in the game yes it looks really strong but they could just make it hard to pen with heat on the sides and reward people for shooting ap at the sides by giving it a better chance to pen.

  28. @ Mobi Wo:
    do you know how you repair a track in the real world? If the inner tracks on this tank are broken, this tank is broken (cant fix that in a minut or even on a single day). It would be a good thing to bring that into the game by adding a bit more repairtime.

  29. Say hello to the russian Maus/Type 5 without a lower plate and without any weakpoints! WG will introduce it as OP Tank and tell you that it is ok and balanced. After a year nobody will care about it and WG wins again. But i m leaving all russian games after that Eastern-Bloc-Bias and the introducion of an fictional polish Sci-Fi tankline. The russian mentality is nationalist and anti-western, so lets become anti-russian.

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