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World of Tanks Supertest: Object 705A Details

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The third vehicle of the new Soviet mini branch will be Object 705A and at the same time  the third Tier X heavy tank available at the Soviet tech-tree.

It features a high alpha 152mm gun and it will be well armoured, but mobility will be very mediocre, just like the German E 100. The rear turret placement gives this tank a similar playstyle to the Panzer. VII, but with even better side-scraping capabilities.


Please Note: All details are from Supertest and are subject to change. Values presented are with 100% Crew without Skills/Perks and Equipment.





Tier X Heavy Tank – Cost: 6,100,000 Credits
Hit Points
Gun 152 mm M51
Shell Type AP / HEAT / HE
Shell Velocity 900 / ??? / 900 m/s
Shell Avg. Penetration 256 / 310 / 90 mm
Shell Avg. Damage 650 / 650 / 840
Shells in Magazine N/A
Reload Time 17.36s
Magazine Reload Time N/A
Rate of Fire 3.457 rounds per minute
Aiming Time 2.68s
Average Damage per Minute 2,247
Accuracy 0.422
Gun Depression/Elevation Angles -5 / +20
Chassis / Turret Traverse Speed 29.2 / 24 deg/s
Top Speed / Reverse Speed 35 / -15 km/h
Terrain Resistance
Hard 1.247
Medium 1.726
Soft 2.973
Hull Armour 170 / 180 / 60  mm
Turret Armour 330 / 180 / 120 mm
Weight / Max Load
100t / 105t
Engine Power 1500 hp
Specific Power 15 hp/t
Concealment of Stationary Vehicle 10.8%
Concealment of Moving Vehicle 5.4%
View Range 390 m
Signal Range 720 m
Crew Commander, Driver, Gunner, Loader


15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks Supertest: Object 705A Details

  1. Its better than a E 100 thats for sure. Lower silhouette, nice gun, better armour… ATM I think this will be a beast if it stays like this.

  2. But we also need to take into account 0.42 accuracy but then again though look at the kv2

  3. Maybe WG can introduce the Swedish artillery line as a counter…heh, heh, heh.

  4. wow…. give it less alpha then a normal 152 gun and a longer reload too…. very good wargaming… bunch of ******s if you ask me..

  5. Its rear turreted with brilliant side armor… it will be able to side scrape like no other tank. It’s also mobile as hell for something that weighs 100 ton.

    You also need to realise that the 152mm M51 was historically designed to have similar ballistic capabilities as the 152mm BR-2… a tier 7 artillery gun

    Its all for balance

  6. I’ll definitely be going towards this. It actually looks rather well balanced, the mobility and armor seems to be better then the E100 but you sacrifice alpha and DPM to get it. Penetration also seems to be good. Keen for it to hit the test server to try

  7. what about is4…. no any buff or something?? omg.. i thought obj 705a will be a replacement of is4…

  8. Basically it seems like a chrysler pushed to tier 10, given a 152 mm gun and painted green…

  9. I would say have the Akv 151 as the tier 10, it’s faster with better power to weight. Designed and tested before the Bkan 1 but that has’t stopped WG in the past.

    The UDES 03 was designed as a possible replacement for the Strv 103 but it’s in-game before the Strv prototype,

  10. Just wait bro, IS-4 will get a buff in Blitz in the next patch so I think it is coming 🙂

  11. They want to down tier the IS-4 last they mentioned it. I reckon there will be a big Soviet heavy patch with Object 705A added, a new tier 10 heavy after the T-10 added and the ST-I being up-tiered and possibly turned into the ST-II.

  12. Et le T-10 il vas où lui après ? Dans une autre branche de tier 8 a 10 ? Ce qui ferait 4 tier 10 lourd URSS ?
    Ce serait sympa niveau diversité 🙂

  13. Translation: And where does the T-10 go then? In another tier 8 to 10 branch, which would mean 4 USSR heavy tier 10 tanks?
    It would be nice in terms of diversity 🙂


  14. See what you’re neglecting here is that the T110E4 and T110E3 are actually heavy tanks (despite being TDs). The E4 is essentially a better E100 that trades HP for dpm, accuracy, and lots of pen. If you tell me the E100 can angle its turret I’ll just laugh at you. This 705a is simply going to be a meatier survivor than both at the cost of a frustrating gun.

  15. If you play the E4 you will notice how it is completely difficult to stabilize the gun since it is not a heavy tank( your reticle will turn as you turn the hull, unlike the other normal tanks). You are right that it CAN play as a heavy and be effective/better dpm and pen, but it just doesn’t feel like a normal heavy tank just because of the difference in gun control mechanism

  16. you just need to do a quick pray to stalin with wodka on ur desk and shout RUSSIA as loud as u can and the tank suddenly has 0.1 accuracy! XD

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