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World of Tanks Supertest: Object 432

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We can’t deny that Russia has indeed to many tanks that can be added to the game, because of this Wargaming continues to introduce new tanks to Supertest to choose possible suitable vehicles.

A new Premium light tank that plays like the top vehicle of the Soviet light tank branch: low silhouette, great camo and an impressive gun for a light tank. Please welcome Object 432 to the Supertest!


This vehicle is different from its Tier VIII counterpart, the LTTB, because it combines the ability to spot and deal damage at the same time. The initial test will have an LTTB modified 85-mm gun with better stats, but a second test will be done with an impressive 100-mm gun. The final vehicle will depend on tests results!

All this seems quite nice, a tank that will fit a similar gameplay to the T-100 is quite a find, or is it? For those who don’t know Object432, let me use it’s more common name: T-64 MBT. Wargaming found a way to introduce a 1967 Main Battle Tank to the game by changing some characteristics and re-class it as a light tank! What do you think? Yay or Nay?

15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks Supertest: Object 432

  1. “Wargaming found a way to introduce a 1967 Main Battle Tank to the game by changing some characteristics and re-cl*** it as a light tank!”

    It doesn’t even look like the T-64 though

  2. Nay. Its like WG isnt even trying to hide the bias anymore.

    Front hull armor 70mm well sloped, turret front 1670mm well sloped…and Im supposed to go up against this in a HWK12 with 6mm of armor?

  3. Aside from the gun, and a lower turret, its all T-64 🙂 The gun in the picture is a 85mm while the T-64 had a 115mm gun on its first version.

  4. Will it be good for the game? No, it won’t. Are they going to introduce it? You bet.

  5. Another OP premium…

    The armor is better than the LTTB. It’s less thick but angled better, and the turret is almost twice as thick… yet, it keeps the speed of the LTTB. ? Needs nerfing.

  6. before clicking into the post i though i may be a tier 10 medium or something, but a tier 8 light tank? Seriously WG?
    A tank that develop from object 430
    A tank that got a 115mm smoothbore gun D-68
    A tank that got composite armour
    and still a tier 8 light? really????

  7. “OP”
    even if it is better than LTTB doesnt mean it will be OP, near every LT is still (far) underpowered

  8. i like the idea of making it a LT, i guess they can balance the full version with the 115mm by making it a derpy LT, like 175mm of pen and 350 average dmg, 390 would be too much for a LT and 320 is too little for a 115mm, and maybe lowering its top speed to make the LTTB still relevant…

  9. Why another premium? Why not make this a second branch tier X light tank? They could just split it at the LTTB and add another tier IX…I am sure they can find one…
    But no…let’s add another premium tank to the game.

  10. i didnt realize this was going to be a T8 until i read the article, big ole NAY, but its WG so theyll do what they want and people will go along with it cause sheeple will pay to have the next OP thing

  11. So the Chieftain is impossible to balance and add into the game, but this nonsense sticks? What the hells WG

  12. I pretty sure the game must change the name become “Russia Empire and Friends” …
    That might good work !

  13. Why not do with the T-54 lightweight as they did with the T-54, split it in two branches (Obj140 and T62A).
    Make one tier X t100lt and one obj432.

  14. Interesting… so, basically, they took the actual Object 432, remove the 115mm smoothbore gun (the T-64 didn’t have 125mm D-81 gun until the Object 434/T-64A) and put there possibly the 100mm D-54TS gun from Object 430 orT-62A (which in itself is basically a direct rifled predecessor to the 115mm smoothbore, and otherwise mechanically identical), and maybe changed the turret into something smaller? Pretty creative (and I would believe that there might have been a proposal to at least try the D-54TS gun in the Object 432 turret, although at that point the 115mm U-11/D-68T smoothbore was clearly a superior weapon), although the tank itself had armour of a heavy tank on a medium’s ch***is… Tunning it into a light tank might be too much of bending 🙁

  15. Nay I say! Just add mbts into tier XI and stop doing crap like this.

  16. No. Just no.

    Esp. if they give it a 100mm with similar, it just makes the T-44 obsolete (just like most other T8 lights). Not to mention the complete stupidity of turning a T12 med into a T8 light artificially for no reason.

  17. The real T-64 (and its Object 432 prototype) had composite armor on the hull as well as on the turret. This fake tank doesn’t.

  18. That gun seems like it has too great of a length to caliber ratio for 175mm of pen, but for balancing reasons, it is fair.

  19. As I have said before, just put this obvious bias in the russian server, and leave the rest of us a more balanced game.

  20. wow the can add a Russian MBT but not the CHIEFTAN MBT that’s too op bc its british. so sick this crap any op tank goes for Russia but not for any nothing like America , Germany , or UK

  21. Absolutely Nay. Creating “Paper Tanks”, which actually did not exist, but were planned, does make sense. However the mentioned tank has nothing in common with which was the Object 432: It was a prototype of a Main Battle Tank which eventually led to the T-64 (Heavy tank armor on medium tank ch***is). The first prototype was Obj. 430 which is introduced to WOT as tier IX Medium Tank with D-54TS 100 mm smoothbore gun. Its successor fitted the D-68 115 mm gun which is even bigger and should be introduced as a tier 8 light tank!!! Normally Obj. 430 and 432 should be very similar instead!

    Obj. 430 Reality values vs. Obj. 432 Reality Values vs. WG plan:
    Cl***ification: Main Battle Tank vs. Main Battle Tank vs. Light Tank
    Weight 36t vs. 30.5t/34t vs. 27t
    Main Armament: D-54TS 100 mm vs. D-68 115 mm vs. D-58 58 mm/D-10TM 100 mm
    Hull Armor: 120 mm vs. 120 mm/160 mm vs. 70 mm
    It absolutely does not fit together! I am terrified about how much WG is bending and crippling real tanks for in-game use.

    Why does WG take the Obj. 432 as the blueprint for a new tier 8 light tank? Is there nothing else to take as a role model for a new light tank?

  22. I think WG should focus more on buffing the Chinese mediums over adding more unnecessary premiums, especially ones like this…

  23. New in 2019, tier VIII premium Object 148, better known as the T-14 Armata…

  24. The Russian ones are underpowered too… Compared to their medium counterparts

  25. It doesn’t have the characteristics of an MBT at all. It may be a prototype of the T64, but it’s nowhere even close to the tank that went into production.

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