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World of Tanks Supertest: Object 432 Full Details

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The Soviet main battle tank changed to a light tank, but according to Wargaming there was a proposal that would fit the role. Unfortunately for us, we can’t confirm this rumours and based on previous decisions we can all assume this is a fake tank to fit the role.

Stats reflect the tank equipped with the 100 mm gun, but I’ve also added stats for the 85 mm version for reference. Pictures are of the unfinished model and all stats reflect the vehicle performance with a fully trained crew, without modules or any other perks.


Please Note
The vehicle stats aren’t final and are subject to change before final release.
SurvivabilityFirepower - 85 mmFirepower - 100 mmManoeuvrabilityMobilityConcealmentSpotting
Hit Points1,150 (HP)
Hull Armour70 / 40 / 40 (mm)
Turret Armour160 / 100 / 60 (mm)
Penetration176 / 218 / 44 (mm)
180 / 180 / 300 (HP)
Reload Time
4.80 (s)
Rate of Fire
12.51 (rpm)
Damage per Minute2,251 (HP/m)
Penetration212 / 235 / 50 (mm)
250 / 250 / 330 (HP)
Reload Time
6.66 (s)
Rate of Fire
9.01 (rpm)
Damage per Minute2,253 (HP/m)
Aim Time2.21 (s)
Aiming Circle Spread
after Shot3.836 (?)
on Turret Traverse0.115 (?)
on Vehicle Move0.096 (?)
on Vehicle Traverse0.096 (?)
on Turret Full Speed Traversing5.52 (?)
on Vehicle Full Speed Moving6.71 (?)
on Vehicle Full Speed Traversing4.60 (?)
Elevation / Depression+15 / -7 (deg)
Turret Traverse Speed50.1 (deg/s)
Chassis Traverse Speed48.0 (deg/s)
Weight / Load Limit27.00 / 30.00 (t)
Engine Power850 (h.p.)
Specific Power
31.48 (h.p./t)
Top Speed / Reverse Speed70 / 23 (km/h)
Terrain Resistance0.863 / 0.959 / 1.534 (m/s2)
Concealment of Stationary Vehicle (%)32.6 / 10.5 (%)
Concealment of Moving Vehicle (%)32.6 / 10.5 (%)
View Range370 (m)
Signal Range850 (m)
Source: WOT Express


15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks Supertest: Object 432 Full Details

  1. Aside from this possibly being a fake tank, which is the most plausible explanation, what the hell is going on with that hull? It is different from T-64 (and from Kubinka’s Object 432)…
    Any chance this may be an Object 775 or 287 hull mutation? Basically what would those T-64-based self propelled ATGM launchers be if someone designed them as a light tank?

  2. It’s not different from T-64, because it’s the T-64! Only the turret is different, made up my WG to fit the low profile light tank they want.

  3. RIP T-44-100 and all other single-shot T8 mediums if this makes it into the game.

  4. That’s what I initially thought, but then I looked at the rear, the frontal hull, and at the turret position, and that made me pause a bit, so I tried to dig deeper into that:
    This is a T-64 rear:!%202017%20NEWS/08%20August/Gamescom%20DB/T-64/t_64_a_1971_02_1280h720_00770b95dbb37ce87730c700bf06d630.jpg

    and this is the T-64 front:

    However, apparently there is a different, earlier version of the frontal hull that I somehow missed:
    but even then it looks like the tank has a horizontal engine cover, instead of WG’s angled one:

    And to make the things even more confusing, there is this vehicle:
    This, too, is called Object 432, yet it looks like an Object 430 with the T-62’s 115mm smoothbore (which the 430 was supposed to have)

  5. Is there any chance that my reply didn’t get saved because of web links?

  6. Sorry for my previous comment, caused by a crappy connection…

    Yeah, I know about the Object 430/430U -> Object 432 -> Object 434/T-64 development, but now it looks like that there were at least two versions of Object 432 prototype, one that used Object 430 hull (, and one that more closely resembled the later T-64 (… and even the 432 has a different rear than the WG’s model…

  7. Any comment with links need to be approved, before it shows. Don’t worry, you just need to wait for me to see it and approve it.

  8. other light tanks are not even close to 200 mmm pen, and the accuracy, also way better than on the other lights

  9. It makes no sense that Wargaming want to modify a tank that was created and manufactured during the 1970’s and 1980’s. I don’t like that they are modifying tanks so much that they essentially become fake. The armor model is totally incorrect due to it having advanced composite armor and a WG are putting a 100mm or 85mm gun when the real life version had an autoloading 125mm gun. They should modify tanks in the way like the SU-130P. Although the gun is different, the tank and its general characteristics are similar to real life. However, in this case with the T-64 BV (Obj.432), this goes too far. Totally revamping its purpose of the battle field is not right and further deviates this game’s historical accuracy. They need to find other tank designs or proposals that are somewhat historically accurate. I know this is difficult to dig through records but I have faith in WG that they can sift further. I like that WG modifies tanks to fit game balance while also not deviating from their real life version but this iteration of the T-64 BV (Object 432) abuses this concept to the maximum and takes it too far. In conclusion, they should either up tier the tank so it can have stats like its real life version, or be replaced with another light tank that is more appropriate and historical. Thank you for reading my opinion.

  10. Oh yes, give it tier 9 gun. Ye, ye.
    Even M41 90mm cries in corner.

    What the **** is wrong with Wargaming? Don’t they see this tank is OP? Who can approve this ****ing gun on tier 8 light tank?

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