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World of Tanks Supertest: Object 430 Branch Changes

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Changes never stop, and now Supertest will be testing some changes to the Soviet medium branch Object 430. Plans are to move Tier X and IX down one tier, introducing a brand new Tier X Object 430U. Tier VIII Object 416 will be removed from the game and A-44 will be buffed to be a better fit on Tier VII.

Object 430 Supertest Branch
Object 430 Supertest Branch

The objective is to build a branch of medium tanks that will have strong frontal armour, have good mobility and high single shot alpha damage. This is the main reason why Wargaming is planning to remove Object 416, has this vehicle wouldn’t fit the branch because of its low armour values and TD play style when compared to other tanks in the branch.

Object 430 will move to Tier IX and Object 430 II to Tier VIII, with their statistics changed accordingly. An interesting point on these two tanks is that both will receive a new 122mm gun.

Please note, these changes are not final and might change depending on test results from Supertest.

Tier VII – A-44


Tier VIII – Object 430 II

Obj430 II

Tier IX – Object 430


Tier X – Object 430U


15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks Supertest: Object 430 Branch Changes

  1. How is the a44 buffed? All that changes is the premium penetration, which becomes absolutely garbage.
    I guess they finally made the front 150mm instead of 2 small strips of 150…

  2. It seems like they buffed aim time from 3,4 to 3 seconds. So maybe gun handling buffs? That would help as gun hadling was major issue with that machine.

  3. Hmm… so basically change from from crappy Russian meds (relatively, still better than everyone else pretty much) and made them into far better Chinese meds than the chinese….lovely…how balanced.

    Also leave the 416 in game. Leave it as an alternate or an inbetween the branch tank. Don’t remove it. Especially when you already added the guard as a premium.

  4. Right now you have a tier 7, 8 and 9 that are all rear turreted, wouldn’t it make more sense to have a tier 10 that’s also rear turreted to continue the same style of gameplay?

    They could have buffed the Obj 416 and Obj 430 II to tier 9 and 10 then put the STG at tier 8, it’s already got the 122mm gun as well.

    I think they screwed up here like the did with the alternate French HT line. They just didn’t have any foresight and made a usable tank into a premium.

  5. Never really minded the gun handling the tank is a brawler.
    The two biggest issues are engine power, engine always damaged when you get shot and the ammorack that gets hit very often when sidescraping and 120mm shells detonate it in one shot…

  6. i currently have the obj 430 its worse than the obj 430 II but i do like the tier 9 so much i wish that one could stay but actually move it up to tier 10 so you have a rear mounted tier 10 Medium tank that requires a different, harder to master playing style… hope the obj 430 owner’s gets fairly compensated though.

  7. Should just move the Obj 430 to Premium like they did in the French and British line and rework the line to a rear mounted line with the 430 II as t10. I think that would be more interesting.

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