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World of Tanks Supertest: Object 268 Version 4 – Tier X Soviet Tank Destroyer

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Object 268 Variant 4, was a redesigned version of the second variant and was finished on December 18th, 1952. When compared to Variant 2, the length of the hull was increased to 6900 mm, length of the barrel overhang was reduced by 150 mm and thicker armour and a roomier fighting compartment which housed 5 crew members.


The lower front plate was 160 mm thick, the front of the casemate was 180 mm and the cheeks were positioned at a sharp angle with 160 mm thick. Object 268 Variant 4 will replace Object 263 at Tier X, while the later will move to Tier IX.

Source: WOT Express & WOT News

Please note, these characteristics are not final and subject to change.




Tier X Tank Destroyer
Hit Points
Gun 152 mm M-53c
Shell Type AP / HEAT / HE
Shell Avg. Penetration 293 / 360 / 90 mm
Shell Avg. Damage 750 / 750 / 1100
Reload Time 20.52s
Rate of Fire 2.924 rounds per minute
Aiming Time 1.92s
Average Damage per Minute 2,192.9
Accuracy 0.432
Gun Depression/Elevation Angles -5 / +15
Hull / Gun Traverse Speed 21 / 27.1 deg/s
Top Speed / Reverse Speed 55 / -22 km/h
Terrain Resistance
Hard 1.151
Medium 1.342
Soft 2.205
Hull Armour 250 / 100 / 45 mm
Turret Armour N/A
Weight / Max Load
50.0t / 55.0t
Engine Power 1,000 hp
Specific Power 20 hp/t
Concealment of Stationary Vehicle 24.4%
Concealment of Moving Vehicle 14.6%
View Range 370 m
Signal Range 720 m
Crew 5

15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks Supertest: Object 268 Version 4 – Tier X Soviet Tank Destroyer

  1. Expecting to be replace with Obj-120 (SU-152 Taran), but this was ok. Awww time to say goodbye to the YOLOwagon 🙁

  2. this change is bs. no one wants this. we lose a great tank for a trash one. its funny the 263 is one of the best tds in the game and only one left that is used in team battles by the best clans but the idiots at wargaming know nothing about what happens in there game. the 263 isn’t why people don’t have the 263 its the tanks leading up to it. why even bother to grind a tier ten after trying it on the test server only to have a tank you don’t want replace it . this is bs and im tired of the it. great we get another jp 268 deathstar high alpha slow no mobility pos . this game is losing all its unique tanks at tier ten and is going to become very boring to play that tier

  3. I have a proposal for wg! So what if the su 100 m1 and Su 101 stay at the tier they are at, but the su 122 54 gets moved to another line but more on that in a little bit. So the first line now is su 100 m1 then su 101 the object 263 the object 268 version 4 ( WHICH IS NOT THE SAME AS REGULAR OR A CLONE OF THE OBJECT 268 HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO SAY THAT!!!!!????????)

  4. better now, so the second line ( or third russian td line) start with tier 7 with a modified version of the su 100 or also known as the SU D-15/25 it is just su 100 with different guns and is a little lighter and faster with less armour. Next at tier 8 we get the su 122 44 ,and I know what your thinking “well general soren that is already a premium tank”, well we can do what wg is already doing with tank like foch 155 just the other way around, we get a premium tier 7 and a regular tier 8 or just keep tier 7 premium without regular tier 8 and the stats are just buffed from tier 7 to tier 8 and to fit the next tank in the line.

  5. for tier 9 we have Su 122 54 which is kind of obvious what the stats are since it currently is still tier 9. And tier 10 is a prototype based off the t54 ch***is as well called the IT 130 its just stronger with a sloped front and faster sort of like the wz 120 g ft there is an aricle about it on ftr

    But that concludes my proposal Thx for reading this please if anyone can send this to wg

  6. it was not the best td the obj 263, but for sure it was unique, now they change it with a clone of obj 268, why ?

  7. The lower front plate was 160 mm thick, the front of the casemate was 180 mm and the cheeks were positioned at a sharp angle with 160 mm thick

    So basically WG are giving it fake armor to fit it at tier 10… Why not replace the SU-122-54 and have this it’s designed armor thickness at tier 9?

  8. 200% agree with you, a friend of mine got the 263 at the start of this year, and i just started the grind for 263 not to long ago. He really likes it as it is now. Its very unique t10 td plus its not similar to the other russian t10 td. Why make another one with 750 with a **** ton of armor but everything else really bad. The 263 line is know for the accurate, lower alpha with better dpm and accuracy. Why change it into absolute **** 🙁 . Like f** of WG and all the ret**** that propose this changes.

  9. …Have you not noticed this tank is horrible? It has the least DPM on any tier X TD ever even the old autoloaders. It has BY FAR the worst dispersion, in fact it has worse dispersion than any tier X HEAVY/MEDIUM/TD, even some lights have better dispersion. This is basically the Fosh 155 without the advantage of an autoloader. To call it a tier X is a joke, I would rather have a tier IX TD than this.

    They took the fact that the 263 could brawl in some situations and tried to make a tank line out of it while removing all the good things about being a TD, this is a turretless heavy.

  10. The more I look at this tank the worse it is, did a stat comparison and this will most certainly not make the line more popular. In-fact, I would wager it would make the current Obj 268 line more popular as I see no benefit of choosing this tank over the one we already have:

    They really should contain the changes only to the tier 7, 8 and 9. The tanks that let the line down. SU-101 drops to tier 7, Obj 268 Ver 2 at tier 8, Obj 268 Ver 4 at tier 9:

    This would generate more interest in the line. The grind would be easier due to the improved armor and the option to go from the Obj 268 Ver 4 to the Obj 268 would also be appealing. People would still go down the SU, ISU and 704 tanks for their 152mm fun.

    You improve the popularity of the line without compromising the uniqueness of the line currently or undermining the 704 line

  11. Wargaming, do you think that all tier 10 td have to have 750 alpha? Everything you did by the arty and light rework and the removal of all the tier tens was to kill the uniqueness in this game. Why are all tier 10 tankdestroyers slow with 155mm or 152mm or even bigger? (Jp E100, E3, E4, obj 268, …) The actual concept of tankdestroyers at that time was fast and sneaky tanks. Like we have on the tier 8 chinese premium td, or on the kanonenjagdpz, or on the cda, or on the su 122 54. You had the chance, to put this kind of td on top of the chinese line but you ended up making it another 750 alpha dmg slug. And now you wanna do the same for the russian tankdestroyers and take away more mobility from tier 10 tankdestroyers. Also “city brawling td” as i would call the 268 v4 with a rear mounted gun will be atrocious to play. I dont get that rly. And btw the kanjgdpz with 105mm wouldnt make it unique at all. You could just give it the apcr of the ru251 and more dpm.

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