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World of Tanks Supertest: Object 268 Version 4 Pictures

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While Object 268 Version 4 continues to be tested by Supertesters, its HD model was finally released.

Source: WOT Express


15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks Supertest: Object 268 Version 4 Pictures

  1. The tank itself actually looks rather good visually. The gun needs some serious work as well. I wouldn’t mind if they implemented it as an alternative tier 10:

    Made a proposal for who players can have the best of both worlds: Obj 263 grind becomes easier while an alternative increases the desire to go down the line:

    And yes, I’m promoting myself, but this should be spread to as many people as possible because I can say confidently that this is better then what WG want to do.

  2. Hell, i wouldn’t mind if they give this thing the option to use the 130 mm gun. If that is not the case, then DON’T ****ING IMPLEMENT THIS CHANGE!

  3. I do like your proposal. Although I don’t think such a large change is necessary. I think the Obj 261-1 would instead be a perfect predecessor to 268 ver 4 as a tier 9, but I’m uncertain about the 261-2. I’m not a fan of such liberties taken of the tanks historical setup even though I’m aware of WGs recent love for them.

    But even so it’s a much better proposal than WGs own.

  4. It wouldnt actually be that large a change. The main issue is the tier 7, 8 and 9 so we’re just dealing with 3 tanks.

    The SU-101 can still drop from tuer 8 to 7 like they’re already doing. This just means 2 new tanks at tier 8 and 9.

    The Obj 268 Ver aren’t essential, they’re more like a bonus incentive

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