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World of Tanks Supertest: Object 263 Branch New Changes

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The community was very vocal about the changes to Object 263 branch, and Wargaming took some into consideration and has come up with a second proposal. It was agreed it was necessary to build gameplay continuity and the SU-122-54 didn’t fit the branch gameplay, meaning it will go into retirement.

Its place will be taken by Object 263 and Object 268 Version IV will be introduced as the new Tier X. The new tank showed excellent results during the tests and it will be a worthy vehicle for its Tier. Object 263 will receive a significant increase in efficiency when moved to Tier IX, becoming more “noob-friendly” and comfortable to play. SU-100M1 and SU-101 will continue as Tier VII and VIII and will receive some well deserved rebalances.



  • Vehicle stays at Tier VII
  • Average penetration changed from 183mm to 212mm
  • Damage per minute changed from 2,651 to 2,607
  • Reload time changed from 5.66s to 5.75s
  • Rate of fire changed from 10.61 to 10.43 rounds per minute
  • View range changed from 360m to 350m
  • Specific power changed from 34 hp/t to 30 hp/t
  • Max forward speed changed from 50 km/h to 54 km/h
  • Max reverse speed changed from 14 km/h to 16 km/h
  • Traverse speed changed from 34 deg/s to 30 deg/s
  • Total hit points changed from 830 to 850
  • Upper hull armour changed from 90mm to 150mm
  • Accuracy changed from 0.316 to 0.374
  • Aim time changed from 1.63s to 1.92s
  • Dispersion while moving changed from 0.201 to 0.134
  • Dispersion on tank traverse changed from 0.201 to 0.134
  • Dispersion after firing changed from 3.38 to 1.99
  • Dispersion while moving at max speed changed from 10.07 to 7.25
  • Dispersion while traversing at max speed changed from 6.85 to 4.03
  • Horizontal gun traverse speed changed from16 deg/s to 24 deg/s
  • Turret traverse speed changed from 45.9 deg/s to 27.1 deg/s


  • Vehicle stays at Tier VIII
  • Damage per minute changed from 2,294 to 2,394
  • Reload time change from 11.51s to 11.02s
  • Rate of fire changed from 5.21 to 5.44 rounds per minute
  • AP projectile speed changed from 940m/s to 850m/s
  • View range changed from 380m to 350m
  • Traverse speed changed from 36 deg/s to 30 deg/s
  • Max reverse speed changed from 16 km/h to 18 km/h
  • Total hit points changed from 990 to 1100
  • Upper frontal hull armour changed from 120mm to 160mm
  • Aim time changed from 2.97s to 2.3s
  • Accuracy changed from 0.355 to 0.403
  • Dispersion on turret traverse changed from 0.153 to 0.096
  • Dispersion while moving changed from 0.182 to 0.115
  • Dispersion on tank traverse changed from 0.182 to 0.115
  • Dispersion while traversing at max speed changed from 6.56 to 3.45
  • Dispersion while moving at max speed changed from 9.84 to 6.21
  • Dispersion while turret traversing at max speed changed from 6.75 to 2.49
  • Depression angle changed from 2.2 to 3
  • Horizontal gun traverse speed changed from 14.6 deg/s to 22 deg/s
  • Turret traverse speed changed from 45.9 deg/s to 27.1 deg/s


  • Vehicle removed from the branch. No information if there are any plans for its future.

Object 263

Object 268 Version IV

15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks Supertest: Object 263 Branch New Changes

  1. It’s the new tier X that doesn’t fit the line at all and not the SU-122-54….

    seriously we don’t need more 750 damage guns

  2. “The community was very vocal about the changes to Object 263 branch, and Wargaming took some into consideration and has come up with a second proposal”

    Clearly didn’t take enough into consideration because they’re still ****ing up the Obj 263 that doesn’t need to be touched. Everyone said not to touch the 263 but clearly WG doesn’t care

  3. If this new branch is implemented into the game (which I honestly don’t see why it should), then what will happen to the SU-122-54 ? It’s a decently well know HISTORICAL vehicle, so they can’t possibly think that replacing it with a vehicle that only appeared in blueprints/concept drawings is a good idea, right ? Hopefully it’ll get it’s own mini-branch then, but I fear it’ll just become a tier 8 premium TD. :/

  4. If they took any considerations at all, the first thing that they’d do is to send the 264 to whatever hell hole it previously belongs and bring the 263 back..

    Hell, if WG really, really, wants to release that oddity in the game, just make it the alternative tier 10 from 704 and be done with it.. The 750 alpha belongs there, not on the 263’s line..

  5. This is bull****. Leave my 263 alone. We don’t need more boring 750 alpha guns. Just make it a second tier X from the 704, leave the interesting and unique 263 alone.

  6. Community: We want Object 263 to stay as it is, keep that 268 nonsense to yourself.
    WG: We listened to your feedback and decided to scrap Su-122-54 instead of SU-101M.

  7. so what going to be with SU-122-54? does wg gonna add it as a premium tank in future? ((SU-122-44 & WZ-120-1GFT owner be like: Ngeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh..))

  8. The SU-101 needs a much better gun to begin with than the 122mm crapper. Then it really needs to have its top gun DPM increased, not decreased!

    The SU-101 is fighting in tier 10 in 2/3 of its matches and cannot penetrate any tier 10 tanks with its starting gun.

    Rethink this “buff” please.

  9. I thoroughly detest WGs agenda to buff the armor of all “secondary lines” now (first the secondary MT branch receiving more armor, now secondary TDs).
    As if they tried to FORCE ****ing armor meta. They are simply running away from and working their way around the real elephant in the room – gold ammo, which is in all honestly the only reason why armor gameplay sucks right now.

    What’s the point of armor if you still have rounds on your own tier that can penetrate said armor with absolute ease?

    These TDs once were beautifully snipy, just sit back, relax and snipe some for your team. The only changes they should have made should have been about better aim time and better gun depression. They are completely butchering this line now, trying to turn stealthy TDs into half-***ed brawlers. Used to be my favourite line. **** this bollocks.

  10. I mean – we are talking about TURRETLESS, NO GUN DEPRESSION vehicles. You are now supposed to go 1v1 with enemies like that? Did they even remotely think this through?

  11. This is not what we want . We want keep 263 or set it like 113 and WZ 5a. i dont need a td which is more inaccurate than the E-100.

  12. The new tier 10 should have a line of his own…let us see how popular will be and how many peeople will grind it..

  13. I hope the SU-122-54 stays in the game in some form (preferably as regular tank, not a premium), if only because it’s one of the best looking vehicles.

  14. Im the only one who see multiple issues here? What kind of idiot put worst accuracy in tier and like worst dpm on same vehicle? Who is supposed to have fun playing it? and change so unique vehicle. I do not understand why WG even want to do this? is there too few people pplaying 263 or what? and what is the reason for that..bad tank or something? Because tank is very situational..if WG thinks its bad…just improve it like u do with all tanks and test it. But why in the name of good would u replace it with worst 750gun of all time?

  15. Dear harkonnen. As a community contributor, does your voice get through to wargaming? Pls make sure they get the message of the community: DONT TOUCH MY BELOVED 263.PLEASE. its a unique tank, with unique playstyle.

  16. This is complete b.s.. They just want to need the 263s pen more gold rounds it’s accuracy more gold rounds. And nerfing it’s view range by 50 meters. What is the point of going in the test server testing a tank then going grinding it only to have it changed nerfed or flat out removed . This is more wargaming b.s. and proof they don’t care what we say. They just wanted to nerf the 263 . Greed freed greed and more greed.

  17. I hate the idea’s to begin with : another 750alpha TD and being nothing special at all … the obj 263 aka the yolowagen is just really nice because it is different than the 750 alpha’s if you replace this why would people grind it ? XD i think adding more tanks to the tech tree is great but please don’t remove the already great existing one’s but add more to create more diversity on the battle ground making it more enjoyable for everyone 🙂

    the object 268 should be like old times to tho… 850 alpha more mobile … its not fun to create more camper TD’s because that what it is now .. and soon the obj 268 v4 will be …. RANT!

  18. TD’s can be used perfectly as brawler’s because sniping cannot be done because RNG is in the game … also premium ammo is great you can use different sorts of ammo on the tank just like in real life tanks you can have more shells types in 1 tank… however i think the shells should be reworked… APCR should have more pen and velocity but less alpha damage… HEAT should have less pen but greater alpha …

    Hesh should be is own shell and not like HE with hyper pen… HESH is really special in real life and should be in game 🙂 if you pen … ooooooh boy … R.I.P

    i think HE splash damage should be nerfed because SPG’s can have up to 13 meters splash radius … this is killing light tanks & mediums the most because if a T92 splashes 8 meters next your tank you lose roughly about 500 hp and often modules (Detrack garantueed) and crewmembers also the minimum stun duration should be only when dealing damage…

  19. Its a joke. Put that damn td after the ob704 and leave the my beloved ob263 where is it now. Its an awesome vehicle, not a complete op td, just unique and pure joy. They have broke the ob268 (my old ferrari) to the ground where is not even fun and now they want to **** up the little brother too??????

  20. Leave the 263 as it is.
    If you (WG) has to interfere, then make 263 special reward status and then keep SU-122-54 & bring in your crap 268v4

  21. I also bet, everyone who has it the day it will get removed, they have to pay later for it instead of receiving it for free (like the T34 back in the day)

  22. Really? Any link to that info? Didn’t hear anything in regards to this.

  23. Obviously WG is just too afraid to see that we all sell the free new Obj 268 v4 if they do what u said, which proves how **** their new idea is.

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