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World of Tanks Supertest: Object 263 Branch Changes

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If you believed Wargaming was done adjusting branches, guess again! This time it’s the Object 263 Tank Destroyer branch that will get modified.

Not many players have the Object 263 in the garage, so Wargaming has decided to tune it up, in the hopes of making it more attractive. But don’t think you are getting yet another free Tier X,  Wargaming will adjust this branch the same way they are doing with Object 430.

SU-101M will be removed from the game, while Object 263, SU-122-54 and SU-101 will all move one Tier down, and at Tier X we will get the brand new Object 268 Version 4. This vehicle will feature excellent frontal armour, high alpha damage and penetration values, but mediocre gun parameters, making it a medium/close combat tank, so don’t expect to snipe your enemies from 400 meters unless you think you are very lucky.

Fast in straight lines, the tank will get anywhere you want quickly, as long as you don’t turn. As soon as you start turning, the speed drops quickly, so don’t expect great mobility from it and plan ahead of you want to get somewhere quick. With these characteristics, the tank will play nice as a support role.

Please note, these characteristics are not final and subject to change.

Tier VII – SU-101


Tier VIII – SU-122-54


Tier IX – Object 263


Tier X – Object 268 Version 4


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15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks Supertest: Object 263 Branch Changes

  1. “mediocre gun parameters, making it a medium/close combat tank, so don’t expect to snipe your enemies from 400 meters unless you think you are very lucky….the tank will get anywhere you want quickly, as long as you don’t turn. As soon as you start turning, the speed drops quickly, so don’t expect great mobility from it…”

    Yes. No turret, slow turning speed, bad gun traverse angles and depression are perfectly suited for agresive plays. WG needs to change these tanks asap or it will be even bigger dissaster then before the change.

  2. Nobody ever complained. Nobody wanted it changed?

    Why mess with one of the most unique and fun tier 10 tank destroyers?

    And yeah, this doesn’t even make sense as the previous comment. You can’t be aggressive with no agility and no turret. Which means this is just a jagdzilla with smaller alpha but better DPM and mobility.

    On the other hand Stalin’s hammer the su 122 44 has an equivalent broken tier 8 su 122 54 now. That’s hilarious.

    I really don’t get the changes WG do. They buff armour on superheavies because everyone auto pens them with gold ammo. Everyone still spams gold ammo and pens them through the turret fronts. As a side effect anyone using standard ammo is ****ed. Maybe the armour wasn’t the problem in the first place…? Hint*

    They buff the T54 and Obj140….i mean…do I even need to go into why this is ******ed?

    They gave the 907 an armour buff in HD and basically became all but in name what the previous T22 med was.

    Then they decide to remove content from the game. Su101 going to removed along with t10? I don’t have them but what about players that do and those that enjoy them? Why not leave as an alternative in the branch or at least a reward tank. Same goes for tier 10 tanks, the wz 5a is an alternate to the 113. Why remove fv215b, foch 155 and possibly the death star soon? At least offer people who bring to the Foch B a set of missions on that particular tank to be able to unlock the Foch 155. You don’t even have to gift it, just unlock so they can buy with credits.

    Removing content is a big no no.

    On the plus side they fixed the Maus.
    Made (only) the Russian tier 8 meds more compe***ive. Other tier 8 meds need help.
    They buffed the caravan.
    They made the line for the Foch B more suitable (tier 6 and 7 can go **** themselves).
    American meds.
    British meds.

    They have made some good changes but so many nonsensical ones too. Which muppet thought 1400 dmg gold HE on type 5 was a good idea.

  3. This change is stupid. The whole line is about good DPM with accurate tanks and armor thats most effective at range. They’re sniping TDs, not close range brawlers. Buff the armor of the Obj268 line if you want that

    The Obj263 being unpopular isn’t because the tank’s bad, it’s great. It’s the line leading up to it that’s the hard part

    I would say have the Obj268 Ver 4 as either an alternative tier 10 or replace the SU-122-54 with it but the Obj263 is a unique tank with nothing wrong with it

    I’m yet to see one person, even on the Russian forums, that think that this change is a good idea

  4. I agree with everyone you said. I already sent in a ticket and will start posting on the forums. They is a redic change that is not needed and no one wants. The only reason its getting a nerf is bc its a good td at tier ten and we cant have that minus the monster the strv with its broken armor. it should have camo and a good gun but armor and half the time the overmatch rules don’t work. We need to tell wargaming to leave the 263 alone and either add the new tank to the line as another tier ten like the wz 111 5a was added or at the worst replace it and give everyone that has it another free legacy tank but I just want it left alone. ffs WG

  5. OH CRAP! The 263 is awsome as it is. It’s the grind to it that makes it unpopular! They’ll basically replace a tank that’s good and totally different than the other Russian TD line with a cheap knockoff of the 268. Great way to completely kill this line…

  6. Theres no use to send a ticket, Customer Support won’t do anything with those tickets. Again, you might be against it, but don’t think “everyone” is against it 😉

  7. You are right, not everyone is against it and WG should take into account everyone’s opinion, but when over 90% (96% in fact judging from the poll) is against the change you should start to bed the question: why make it?

  8. 90% of your pool that has 85 votes, in a universe of 100,000 played that play the game every day…. means it’s nothing.

  9. Find me a single comment thread on any article about this change with a majority of players that support it, you won’t. You will not even find a comment thread with a consistent minority that has a positive view of this change, I have only seen negative comments with a handful (and I literally mean maybe 4-5 out of hundreds) of exceptions.
    The poll might only have 85 votes, it’s still not precise, but do you really think that if there were 2-3k votes the result would be much different?

  10. That depends. In the past, when they did a change like that, if you had already researched the old tier X they would automatically unlock the new tier X for you. WG has been now to be a bit finicky with the swaps however, so no guarantee.

  11. No offense to any of your efforts, but I consider them pointless. When has WG ever taken note of any complaint in the forums, save for the most extreme cases?

  12. Matteo, Harkonnen’s point is your vote pool is too small to be any kind of representative of the player base. At all, be it positive or negative. And the reasons you won’t find any positive comments in the forums (or only a small amount) is because only people with complaints go to them. That’s been a problem for years. People who don’t have any complaint simply don’t visit the forums.

  13. After years with obj 268 I finally got 263. And I have to say a fun Td and more effective in the battlefield than the cousin.
    Now? They are going to give me a bad clone of the 268?
    Worst gun and 21 seconds of reload?
    Should have a 1k alfa to justify that RoF. It’s like JPE100! And Armour?
    Oh, no, please don’t destroy a fun line of tds.
    268 have been buffed but it is not enough. 263,ok,there are few in the game, of course, all the line is harder to play. Most prefer the obliterating BL-10 of the ISU.

    Let’s see, I hope they don’t touch my 263.

  14. Shade, the players that don’t care do not have the tank or aren’t grinding to it, unless the issue is an over powered tank, broken game mechanics, etc. that effects the whole player base WG should mostly be taking into consideration the opinion of the players that will be directly affected by the change. Particularly in this case WG wants to change a perfectly effective, neither OP nor UP, very fun tank for no reason when it’s known that the problem of its low occurrence in game lies with the lower tiers and not the tier 10. If anything your statement that only who cares complains is strengthening the poll results given the small number of player that actually have the 263 or are grinding to it. If the grind is so harsh yet some players actually went through the grind to get to the tier 10 either they are masochist or they really wanted that tank and WG is making a huge mistake by not listening to them. The opinion of the players that are not even grinding to the 263 is mostly of marginal importance given that they aren’t even being affected by the change (and it’s not like they were the ones who proposed the Obj 268 V4 as a replacement). WG should be listening to 263 players and grinders that do not want this change. How do I know that they dislike this change? Because given how tough it is to get to the 263 they did it knowingly and they really wanted it. The 268 V4 doesn’t even have the same playstyle as the 263.
    This is why the poll results are much more significant then what you or Harkonnen think.

  15. i have unlocked the Obj 263, i have to buy it here is my question, if i buy the 263 now, will i get the obj 268 v4 and 263 as tier 9 for free or i have to buy it again and after buying the 263 which will be moved to tier 9, will it be there in my garage as tier 9 or i have to buy it again..
    i love the obj 263 because of the armour and the gun, i don’t want it to be like rest of the td’s firing 750+ dmg, the current obj 263 gun is good with dmg and dpm…i hope they change the gun of the obj 268 v4 same as obj 263, and armour like a yolo wagon.

  16. I have a proposal for wg! So what if the su 100 m1 and Su 101 stay at the tier they are at, but the su 122 54 gets moved to another line but more on that in a little bit. So the first line now is su 100 m1 then su 101 the object 263 the object 268 version 4 ( WHICH IS NOT THE SAME AS REGULAR OR A CLONE OF THE OBJECT 268 HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO SAY THAT!!!!!????????)
    okay better now, so the second line ( or third russian td line) start with tier 7 with a modified version of the su 100 or also known as the SU D-15/25 it is just su 100 with different guns and is a little lighter and faster with less armour. Next at tier 8 we get the su 122 44 ,and I know what your thinking “well general soren that is already a premium tank”, well we can do what wg is already doing with tank like foch 155 just the other way around, we get a premium tier 7 and a regular tier 8 or just keep tier 7 premium without regular tier 8 and the stats are just buffed from tier 7 to tier 8 and to fit the next tank in the line. for tier 9 we have
    Su 122 54 which is kind of obvious what the stats are since it currently is still tier 9. And tier 10 is a prototype based off the t54 ch***is as well called the IT 130 its just stronger with a sloped front and faster sort of like the wz 120 g ft there is an aricle about it on ftr

    But that concludes my proposal Thx for reading this please if anyone can send this to wg

  17. was thinking the same, with such parameters its weird they expect aggressive gameplay. Actual seems a no play at all. Hope they will change it like they done with S.Conq. or they will think again of ruining an ok tree. This branch is not so popular, cause those who play TDs don’t like aggressive gameplay, only among medium tank players is famous, and those wont be happy if this branch got “nerfed” in this way …

  18. They should not remove SU-100M1. They should lower 263 and insert 268-4. Then move SU122-54 to ISU line. It makes a lot more sense. And keep SU122-54 and 704 as alternatives for Tier IX. Why would they remove more tanks. We want more!!

  19. I did some math, Tier 7 has 2400 DPM with great pen, pretty good for a TD. Tier 8 has good pen but 2200 DPM, horrendous accuracy, terrible for a TD. New 263 at Tier 9 has 2000 DPM!!! WOW, from the 3000 it was before to the worst DPM TD in its tier! 150 lower than the T30. Now tier X is a doozie 2200 DPM, worse than any tier 10 TD ever, even the autoloader WTFE100 and Foch 155, .45 dispersion is actualy worse than every tier X HEAVY other than the Type 5!!

    Oh man, I wanted to grind the 263 before but this all looks like trash on tracks, the Tier 7 is the best of the bunch, its all down hill from there.

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