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World of Tanks Supertest News

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Hello everyone,

A couple of news from the Supertest server, not much but still interesting to see they are still testing the Swedish Premium Medium Tank:

  • Supertesters are currently testing the Swedish Medium Tank Strv M/42-57 Alt A.2. On the current test stage a three shot drum magazine is being used. The results will decide the final configuration of the tank. It’s scheduled to released in Update 9.16.
  • Tests on maps Slope and Slope Night continue. Currently the new changes in the city area have being tested. This area needed improvements  to facilitate the orientation of players during the battle and the displacement. In addition to the gameplay test, comparison of different types of lighting in these locations. The goal: test the comfort of night lighting for standard and improved graphics compared to the daily map.

Source: World of Tanks RU

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