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World of Tanks Supertest: New Unnamed Mirrored Map

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Today, a new prototype of a 1000×1000 map with an Asian setting appeared on supertest. It’s so new, the map does not even have a name yet.

This map will be an experiment to see how a mirroed map would perform in World of Tanks. If case this map is accepted for final production, it will be released across all regions. There are three main areas on the map:

  • City in the central part. This is a place for positional combat operations. It is here that the main battles will unfold. The position provides ample opportunities for combat: there are many shelters, where you can fire and hide. Nevertheless, this part of the map is closely connected with other areas – depending on how the battle develops, allies from the flanks can give you substantial support.
  • The hills in the northern part. This is the place to fight at a distance. This area is ideal for Medium and Light tanks, where they have space to manoeuvre and face other medium and light tanks. Players will also be able to provide support to the city area of they win this area.
  • Driving along the lake. This is high risky area, but light or medium tanks can use it to turn the tide of a battle.
Source: World of Tanks & WOT Express

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15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks Supertest: New Unnamed Mirrored Map

  1. now we cant complain about getting the crappy side of the map.

  2. “mirroed” map, haha. Pretty sure that’s a typo…(second paragraph).

  3. So they’re going to make the battle 25 tanks each side now?

  4. With their love for corridors and lanes, WG should have stuck to their initial orks-/elves plans and make another lame mmorpg instead of crapping all over serious tank warfare 😉

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