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World of Tanks Supertest: New Map Studzianki

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World of Tanks Supertest just received a new map to test: Studzianki. Studzianki is a small Polish village and the map was created on the basis of the real terrain, with gameplay changes and has a historical contest: Battle of Studzianki.

This is the second supertest of the map and corrections were done based on the results of past tests, which should improve the playability of this prototype. The map has become more comfortable and dynamic.

According to Wargaming plans, this should be an open map, with excellent opportunities for playing light tanks and medium tanks, a lot of distant engagement, but it also has space for slow armoured vehicles.

The teams spawn areas are in different corners of the map – in the south-west and northeast. This is done to maximize the contact line between the two teams – the battles in our design will occur diagonally across the map. There are several key points (places of “interest”), where most of the battles will take place:


  1. Brick Factory: The main zone of collision for heavy tanks. It’s isolated from the larger part of the map. In case of victory in this zone, a relatively safe route through the Ravine (point 2) opens to the enemy base.
  2. The Ravine: In addition to the safe path from the plant to the base, it allows you to fully control the central field.
  3. District: Point of interest for medium or light tanks. Control over it will help allied heavy tanks in the Brick Factory.
  4. The Village: It divides the front line into 2 parts. A large amount of vegetation between indestructible houses.
  5. Hills in the eastern part: Area for active manoeuvring actions for fast tanks. The gameplay will be similar to the dunes in the Sandriver.
  6. Forest: The long way for maneuvering heroes, who always go around. Suitable for treacherous MT or LT, conceived to sneak to the opponent from the rear.

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  1. Looks terrible but at least this map has some hard cover to protect against cancer unlike the garbage that is prokhorovka/fiery salient.

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