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World of Tanks Supertest: New Grand Battle Maps

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Two prototypes for a new summer map in a Soviet setting are going into testing today and test results will help Wargaming choose between them. Both are meant to convey the atmosphere of intense, desperate struggle against the Nazi invaders.

These two prototypes belong to the “mixed” variety of maps, combining open spaces with city blocks, therefore allowing every class to shine. There are plenty of places for manoeuvring, sniping, and brawling on well-armoured vehicles!


The first prototype adopts the classic, “mixed” map style of gameplay, where everyone can show what they can do best and contribute to their side’s victory.


The second prototype is innovative and asymmetrical, with spawn locations positioned in such a way that one of the teams has to play aggressively, while the other one has to defend and counterattack.

I like how the second map looks, more than the first one, but I don’t see why Wargaming wouldn’t try to introduce both maps in order to bring even more content to the game. What’s your opinion on the maps? Let’s us know in the comments section.

15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks Supertest: New Grand Battle Maps

  1. No info yet, but shouldn’t take long before we have them re-introduced into the game. WG has to have more content for other updates 😀

  2. I’m bored of the rorschach tests (so-called symmetrical maps), that’s why i like the second prototype. But i would like to make a little suggestion: WG pls make one map with dynamic (moving) spawn locations. This would create more sophisticated battles.

  3. I don’t mind grand battles, but I wish it was a game mode, rather than random chance of getting a grand battle, some tanks are not very suited to it, I’ve run out of ammo several times in my TVP and if I had chosen I wouldn’t of taken it into a grand battle.

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