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World of Tanks Supertest: Lost City & Empire’s Border

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Today, Supertest received two new maps reworked into HD: Lost City and Empire’s Boder. You might remember these maps as Lost City used to be available for Team Battles and Empire’s Border used to be available only in China.

These two maps will now go under revision for 15 versus 15 battles, which tiers should play in them and any other issues with gameplay balance. If tests prove successful these maps will be made available for all regions.

Lost City




Empire’s Border




11 thoughts on “World of Tanks Supertest: Lost City & Empire’s Border

  1. Wasn’t “Lost City” called “Ghost Town” when it was in the game for Rampage mode?

  2. To be honest, with how many maps were removed when there was the switch to HD…we need new ones fast.

  3. Empire’s Border looks niiiiice, hope it plays well too, when it goes live.

  4. What happened to this blog? – I still remember how most articles had the opinion of the author embedded as well as generally enhancing the article by including much harder to gather information and even further made fun of another blog because it`d just copy the texts from its sources, but now it seems like this blog is exactly the same…

    Im sorry, but whats the purpose of this blog if I could get all the information from its primary source, the WoT (supertest sub-)forum/portal?

    PS: Please dont judge this as hate, I am/was fan of this Blog and Im just concerned about the direction it`s heading towards.

    1. I know it’s not hate 😉 I’ve been so busy that I’ve noticed myself the quality of the posts has declined… I’ve been trying to catch up but it has been extremely difficult… Let’s see if I can improve in the next few weeks. Criticism is always welcome 😉

  5. Two more urban/corridor maps. Noob friendly and great for heavies and armoured tds. But they don’t offer much for light/light-medium drivers like me.

    2/10 WG

  6. Nice to get new maps. They certainly are going to be good for my heavies and TD’s.

  7. “These two maps will now go under revision for 15 versus 15 battles, which tiers should play in them and any other issues with gameplay balance.”
    Sure. Just like Province did, oh wait…

  8. Well new maps are always welcome. But I believe the biggest problem that many actual map share is the size. They are simply too small for 15 vs 15. Mines for example is 800m x 800m . As long as you get it at lower tier it maybe ok. But at T8 or more is like seeing a group of elephants moving inside a cage. There is o real room for flanking and spotting at high tier is a joke due to the limited size. Same applies for other maps. This was way Frontline was so nice . Big map not always easy to predict where enemy is.

  9. Ghost Town was an 800 x 800 map. If Lost City is the same size then they are just wasting their time. Time to make all maps 1000×1000. Yes, I’m looking at you Ensk…

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