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World of Tanks Supertest: Kharkov Map

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Updated version of the Kharkov map goes to Supertest. The goal of these changes is to make the map more playable for all vehicles classes, including weak-armored ones that have previously faced problems in this map.


The open part of the map (1) (2) underwent some significant changes: raised this part of the map to the level of the urban area, while also increasing the number of bushes and small shelters that provide opportunities for effective firing. These changes should fix the interaction between the open part of the map and the urban area.

The urban quarters (3) have been simplified a bit, making the battles easier to control.

Changes have also been implemented within the town square (4): the zone has been simplified in the number of shelters. The closed entry to the square will also be tested in this map variant, in order to see how it’ll affect the vehicles’ positioning on the map, as well as their concentration in collision points.

15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks Supertest: Kharkov Map

  1. So uh… what did these changes improve exactly? All they did was dumb down the map by making it corridors, and just making every tank cl*** on this map useless…

  2. Honestly this map is fine as it is but if they really want to change anything all they should do is increase the size of the field area in the north west while leaving the rest of the map as it is.

  3. Remember, every WOT map must now be three (3) corridors. Any variation may lead the players to have to look at the battles as tactical situations wherein the sides will have slight advantages/disadvantages to overcome as a team, and we can’t have that!

  4. I know the feeling when your team does not look at the map while you and another tanker are getting flnaked by 7 from the other team while your team is struggling against 1 or 2 tanks cause they don’t have the brain to flank or just go 5 v 2

  5. how about skill based maps for ranked. the lower the rank, the easier the maps. the higher your rank the more options that are available on the same map. A.k.A make more versions of the same map.

  6. These changes are a joke honestly. Dumbed down for even the simplest of minds.

  7. How would you introduce that, what is a “skill-based map”? Plus, imagine the amount of work to create several versions of the map…

  8. Map reading is one the most lacking sills in WOT and any other game tbh. Players the majority of the time just focus on two things: go to a position they are familiar with (or seen on someone stream) and focus on their aim. I know this for a fact, got a few friends they never look at the minimap, and when you point at them “they were flanking you a long time ago” their reply is: didn’t notice the minimap.

  9. What about the open maps? On maps that WG has given plenty of options to play, players loads of times “transform” those maps into “corridors” because everyone is too afraid of going forward.

  10. The rework looks horrendous. What, you play with a light or a medium? Well tough luck, you can go **** yourself. It cements and amplifies the terrible meta state the game is in. And was pushed into continously during the past years by it’s newly introduced or reworked vehicles. (As in stupidly armored heavies/tds, high alpha guns, derp guns, #makeHEgreatagain, #****weakspots, #happyplayers.)

    Funny enough after the first part I was like “oh well THAT was terrible! …But hey, they have a version B! It can only get better :)”.
    After watching it to the end: LMAO.
    The exact same dumb map like ver. A, but on an even smaller map?
    Jesus Christ!
    You expect almost nothing and WG’s design department still dissapoints you on unthinkable levels. Gameplaywise this game is dead. But hey, pretty graphics in version 1! And all the new players that will eventually come to check out the game can’t be overstrained. They need another bunch of idiots to milk. The only thing they need to learn from day 1, is that pushing “2” will help you win games.?

  11. nord spawn instant win!
    Unbalanced af! area 3 is closed, area 4 was dumb anyway, area 1 and 2 killing field, controled by nord spawn, so…fu south!
    won west from south spawn… good luck!! take east… doable but useless, lose any of them, south lose! south does not have any place for rotation, no flex just camp in front of base… wherever South spawn go its like leaving one flank empty, so must be full comitment on that side! Random? no thx!
    future of this
    patch notes 1.01 map kharkiv removed from rotation!
    sry for this eng!

  12. Open maps like steppes for example?

    So open that you can go down 1 of 3 corridors or suicide….

    The only true open maps in this game are Malinovka and prokhorovka. You can position almost anywhere and still be useful in every single tank.

    Other than that every single map has corridors that favour brawling and heavy style gameplay.

    Don’t even deny it. It’s a joke.

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