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World of Tanks Supertest: Kharkov Changes

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Yet another version of Kharkov was released to Supertest. While the map certainly needs a redesign, I’m not sure this version will work at all. Please note, the following information is from Supertest and subject to change and might not make it to the live server.

Source: World of Tanks Forum


  • The central blocks of the city (Zone 1) have now been further simplified to decrease the number of possible flanking routes and make it a bit easier to read and predict the flow of a battle.
  • The passages between the central blocks (Zone 2) are now a designated place for defensive play using heavies.
  • The open part of the map (Zone 3) is going to keep most of the changes introduced in the previous version, but with a more pronounced attack direction for TDs, medium tanks, and light tanks that choose to play mobile.
  • Decided not to block the central city square (Zone 4) and keep a few of the access points. Please note how some of them will be one-way only (Zone 5), meaning that you will be able to enter the square, but not to leave it.
  • Added some firing positions for TDs with weak armor in the open space (Zone 6).

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15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks Supertest: Kharkov Changes

  1. If they make those two corridors between the three building (literally) blocks, it’s the same as Ruinberg… and Ruinberg’s crap, but this looks even worse! Keep the little paths through the mid-section, and make the NW field hilly and full of bushes on each side for TD camping grounds. The town square in the SE corner was fine, don’t change it from the current live version.

  2. They’re turning a GOOD MAP into a corridor map where no one will use 4/5ths of it and everyone will camp.
    “remove flanking opportunities” are they ****ing serious?!

  3. watching the alternatives for this map, then i appreciate even more this map. Historically is extremelly interesting and visually pleasant. In terms of gameplay is also good with all its unpredicatble scenarios.

  4. Map development is beyond pathetic in WoT. Now that most everything has been converted to HD, we can soon see new and exciting ways their team can f— up existing maps and see a few more that will no doubt be pulled in a couple patches because they’re crap.

  5. cmon dude … they are helping idiot m***es to predict the flow and run in the other side …. fkn today’s meta … have to play at 2-3 in the morning to be sure that can enjoy at least a few battles.

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