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World of Tanks Supertest: IS-M & Object 705A In-Game Pictures

While we get sucked into the Holiday Ops, World of Tanks Supertest continues and WOT Express released a few more images from the new upcoming Soviet heavy tanks. Please remember, IS-M, Object 705 and Object 705A will be a new regular mini branch that will be coming in the near future to the game, it’s still unclear if the branch will start from the IS heavy tank, but it seems the most logical step as the IS-M was designed to be its successor.

Object 705A – Regular Tier X

IS-M – Regular Tier VIII

Source: WOT Express
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  1. the machine guns on the back of the 705A turret look so out of place for some reason. And turret looks too long. IDK, just seems dis-proportioned.

    The IS-M looks good though

    1. yea i was wondering if the one using the machine gun was hovering or must be 2,50 meters tall (even more) just to fire 🙂

      1. I don’t have a better picture. There isn’t any information from what tank this will start, but logic says it will be the IS.

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