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World of Tanks Supertest: Ghost Town Changes

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Wargaming continues with further tests on Ghost Town map to check its suitability for random battles. This time a more spacious version of the map will be tested as its size was increased from 800 by 800 to 1000 by 1000.


  1. The central area of the map has been reworked: fewer passages between the houses and fast flanking moves will be less likely. This should reduce the amount of “fast-wins” when one team quickly takes advantage positions.
  2. Created more shoot-through positions for tank destroyers so they can support their team.
  3. Extra spaces on the sides of the map will give more room for light tanks and light armoured vehicles to snipe the enemy team.

The change should give tanks more room to battle and manoeuvre, hopefully, making the map enjoyable for Random Battles. I’m very curious to test this map as it will be one of the first symmetrical maps ever introduced to World of Tanks. Do you think symmetrical maps will be the answer to map balance? Or do you prefer the more random maps giving each team unique and different points to attack/defend, creating a different gameplay?

15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks Supertest: Ghost Town Changes

  1. I prefer random maps over symmetrical ones. This is not DOTA or FIFA.

  2. If there ever should be pool I prefer custom (/random) maps for normal battles – those can have both more realistic feeling and are enjoyable, differently, from both sides.
    While for competitions symmetrical maps should be preferred in name of balance and fairness sacrificing a bit of that joy of custom maps I have written previously about.

  3. I’m not a big fan of symmetrical maps too, but it could still be interesting if made correctly. I still think “random” map with balanced positions that make different gameplay for each side is more interesting.

  4. “Extra spaces on the sides of the map will give more room for light tanks and light armoured vehicles to snipe the enemy team.”

    Yeah with their sub-par penetration, increased penetration drop-off and potato accuracy values…..XD

    Cl***ic case again of the left-hand not knowing what the right-hand is doing.

    Removing the flanking options within the town is even worse because those are the ones light tanks would use to actually impact the combat.

  5. Unfortunately maps take a long time to develop so reusing ones like Paris or Ghost Town makes a logical choice because A) they’re symetrical and B) its a waste to not use them given that they were originally for a game mode which was a giant failure.

    Seems to me WG is going more for symmetrical maps these days because of players always complaining about the more reallistic and random maps made in the past.

  6. I wonder if asymmetrical maps with multiple spawn points wouldn’t be a better balancing method. Spawning in one of say 3 or 4 different locations on each side could introduce different choices for teams leading to more varied games.

  7. Sounds like an excellent idea to me. That would add an extra dimension that make gameplay less predictable and even change the way maps are played eg if both spawn and cap points varied.

    For the record I think symmetrical maps suck. They are less interesting to play and less immersive.

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