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World of Tanks Supertest: Excalibur, British Tank Destroyer

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I always thought the British designed quite strange tanks, and the Excalibur will be one of the strangest tanks coming to the game. Wargaming has introduced the Excalibur, a Tier VI British tank destroyer and personal missions reward tank.

With a forward-placment turret with only 180 degrees of traverse and while bulky, it’s mobility will be quite good! Wargaming will decide during Supertest trials what gun the tank will have:

  • A fast shooting 76 mm gun that leans towards DPM-based play.
  • A 120 mm cannon that fires high-explosive shells, aims well and with high alpha damage.
Source: World of Tanks Forum

Excalibur 76 mm


Excalibur 120 mm


Excalibur Pictures

21 thoughts on “World of Tanks Supertest: Excalibur, British Tank Destroyer

    1. I’m thinking more like Bert and his sister had a kid. It looks like they took a Bert and put a turret on it.

  1. What the… It looks like a…hell I don’t even know…

    I don’t have a proper sense of scale for this tank. How big is it? How heavy is it?

    PLEASE don’t let them equip it with the derp because there’s already too many of them in the game, and it would be able to pen itself with it every time, which would be extremely annoying.

  2. “A 120 mm cannon that fires high-explosive shells, aims well and with high alpha damage.”
    “aims well”
    3.5 second aim time and .48 accuracy lol

  3. Looks like a British engineer looked at an Ikv 65 and decided it should have a turret.

    Don’t do drugs kids.

  4. What a curiously odd fellow this tank is.

    I hope it gets the 76mm with a crazy rate of fire

  5. What WG sho
    uld do is give both options of guns and let the player pick.

    1. Everyone would just use the derp.

    2. No ‘-‘ their testing both guns to decide which one they will put in the tank (when they release the tank)

  6. What personal missions ?? Is it for the 2nd set of personal missions ?? Man I so hope they come out with more missions bc I have the first 4 mission tanks and I want more.

  7. That derp gun is complete nonsense with those stats: It’s like the 105 of the T5 meds, but with the reload and aiming stats of the KV-2 which does twice the damage and is more likely to pen.

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