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World of Tanks Supertest: Erlenberg & Fjords in HD

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Today two new HD maps entered Supertest: Fjords and Erlenberg. Why Supertest and not Sandbox? These two maps are problematic and Wargaming decided to change them while they were being converted into HD. Due to this reason, they have entered Supertest before they are released to Sandbox so all players can test them.



Erlenberg is the first winter map being showcased by Wargaming and it suffered quite a lot of changes. The urban area was changed in the centre of the map and along the river, adding new options to players can use different tactics and better use these areas. There also where some changes in the northern area of the map and a new railway was added on the right side of the river.




Fjords was improved to ease gameplay and make it easier to navigate through the map. The central area is now a clear open space, making it a better area to play with light tanks, but other classes should avoid it in the heat of battle. Other small changes have been made to different areas of the map to test gameplay, depending on test results, Wargaming will decide if they are final or need more fine-tuning.


15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks Supertest: Erlenberg & Fjords in HD

  1. Wow! Great job man! Can’t wait to test them out on the Sandbox! Now it was my understanding they were also changing Fisherman’s Bay, since they added some objects to the map. Curious why they didn’t include that one with the Supertest…hmm… Seems like it would be preferable to test it on the Supertest first with Erlenberg and Fjords. Excited anyways!

  2. Meh, on Fjords the western team still has one choke point more to defend with worse arty cover than the eastern team. Basecamping is still an option for East

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