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World of Tanks Supertest: Chimera, British Medium Tank

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Chimera, Tier VIII British medium tank with good mobility and its manoeuvrability, hull armour, and size are comparable to that of other vehicles of the same nation/class, but with its turret protection being slightly better. What stands out it’s his gun with a monstrous 490 average damage.

With great alpha, tough turret, really good speed and amazing gun depression, this tank will be a monster in the battlefield, playing as a sniper or a second liner behind a ridge and poking its enemies with the enormous alpha!




But not everything is amazing in this vehicle, with its low AP penetration and even Premium ammo isn’ great, but if Wargaming thinks this is how they should balance tanks, I’m not sure what else we might find in the battlefields in the future.

This vehicle is still in balance and test stage, but Wargaming plans on keeping its signature high alpha.

Chimera Pictures

15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks Supertest: Chimera, British Medium Tank

  1. What I see: a unique tier 9-10 tank (mix of amx-30 with big gun)
    What WG sees: OMG GIB MONEY!!!11one

  2. Bad AP-penetration? 202 mm? My Pershing and T32 have 175. This is a whole new level of powercreep. I don’t even say “please Nerf”. What we need is not a Nerf but the promise to never ever make this thing available

  3. Yeah, that’s why I said “Wargaming thinks this is how they should balance tanks”… Saying that 202mm is a balance thing for the 490 alpha… There are several regular tanks with low pen at Tier VIII, this one with 202mm and that m***ive gun will definitely hurt when they hit the target…

  4. While I like the idea that UK players can use something more derpy on this tier (ie something that doesnt have 20pdr) – this one is … broken in my eyes. 202 pen at this tier is higher than average. I rooting for prems to be sub/on par to techtree vehicles and pershing, centurion or other VIIIs BUT Ill admit that there nothing written about it being premium, so MAYBE if it belongs to that (for several years) mentioned Chieftain branch – I might be able to accept this one.
    (I know Im too optimistic)

  5. Any info on whether it’ll be a premium or reward tank? Fingers crossed for reward tank!

  6. This tank is completely fine comrade, just give it an insane price tag and it’s balanced right?
    Wargaming is actually mental as of lately

  7. So we see less of these balanced pieces of **** in the future lmao

  8. Everybody getting too excited too early.
    Let’s see what the invisible stats are. I.e. the terrain resistance and gun handling. That will decide the fate of this tank.

  9. can you play with these tanks and where exactly? in common test are not yet given

  10. When I pay for something, I want it good! No one cares about the regular tier VIII tanks, after researching tier IX, no one plays it, but premiums you use all the time, Thats the thing, I have no problem to pay for good premiums, not the s…t tanks, as i wrote earlier on AP, 95% silent players and not whinnin bobs wants to pay for good premiums and have no problem by adding such tanks into this game…

  11. Well if people want the shiny new things then why not. I see something to sink my money into. I’d buy it even with 180 pen and no premium ammo. Though it should be a heavy as it is really heavy for a medium. 56t

  12. The mobility is way too high and it could do with even longer reload, 14sec isn’t long enough

  13. Good for making credits!

    There is a difference between OP good and balanced-good.

  14. Like Mark said, they don’t respect their major income-source anymore. Unless they dropped down like EA.

  15. Nah man, you could give this some of the worst soft stats in the game and it’d still be an effective tank. It has 490 alpha at tier 8, which is 100 more tha any other high alpha medium at this tier, and on top of that it gets better penetration.
    It has very good HP/ton ratio so it’s at least going to have decent mobility, and the aim time is actually pretty short for a high alpha medium.

  16. Not so much “please nerf” as “please uptier this monster”.

  17. we do NOT need 490 alpha on something with armor. make it 420 alpha with 260 pen AP , and give it 500 alpha HESH with 190-200 pen. this tank as it is now is needlessly gamebreaking. if we go the HESH route there needs to be worse gun handling and bad dpm for standard round.
    give us an odd job prem tank! well rounded normie tanks are boring!

  18. I’d actually hope for the Chimera to keep these stats around the current values, and for WG to adapt all other tier VIIIs in the game to this level of performance, and, subsequently also adapt lower tiers, to make toer VIII competitive vs tier X again.

  19. There are much speculations that it will be a reward tank for the next personal missions….

  20. Not sure if it will be. WG announced that Excalibur was a PM Reward, why not say it about this tank too?

  21. Wow I love this gun! I would play it very much like a mobile TD with long reload and low armor.

    Shoot and scoot,hull down then shoot again.

    Depending on the price I would buy it.

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