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World of Tanks Supertest: Centurion Mk. 5/1 RAAC – Tier VIII British Medium

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Centurion Mk 5/1 also know as FV 4011 was one of the modifications of the postwar British tank Centurion Mk.V, it had increased glacis armour, two coax machineguns: one .30 Browning & one .50 caliber Browning for ranging the 84mm (20 pounder) main gun. This vehicle was in the service of Australian tank units during the Vietnam War, where its combat qualities were duly appreciated by both sides.

The Australian Centurion Mk 5/1 RAAC will be introduced to the game as a Premium Tier VIII medium tank under the British nation. No other details of when or how it will be available.

Please note, the following information is from Supertest and it’s subject to change.

*10/04/2018 – Stats updated with in-game correct values.

Centurion Mk. 5/1 RAAC Video Preview

Centurion Mk. 5/1 RAAC Pictures

Centurion Mk. 5/1 RAAC5 Modules


No Info

No Info

?OQF 20-prd Gun Type B Barrel

No Info

No Info

Centurion Mk. 5/1 RAAC Stats


Hit Points 1,400 (HP)
Hull Armour 120.7/ 50.8 / 38 (mm)
Turret Armour 254 / 88.9 / 88.9 (mm)


Penetration 226 / 258 / 42 (mm)
230 / 230 / 280 (HP)
Reload Time
7.19 (s)
Rate of Fire
8.34 (spm)
Damage per Minute 1,919 (HP/m)


Accuracy 0.316
Aim Time 2.21 (s)
Aiming Circle Spread
after Shot 3.356 (?)
on Turret Traverse 0.134 (?)
on Vehicle Move 0.173 (?)
on Vehicle Traverse 0.173 (?)
on Turret Full Speed Traversing 4.83 (?)
on Vehicle Full Speed Moving 8.63 (?)
on Vehicle Full Speed Traversing 6.21 (?)
Elevation / Depression +18 / -10 (deg)
Turret Traverse Speed 37.5 (deg/s)
Chassis Traverse Speed 36.0 (deg/s)


Weight / Load Limit 51.0 / 53.0 (t)
Engine Power 950 (h.p.)
Specific Power
18.63 (h.p./t)
Top Speed / Reverse Speed 50 / 20 (km/h)
Terrain Resistance 0.959 / 1.055 / 1.822 (m/s2)


Concealment of Stationary Vehicle (%) 20.2 / 4.81 (%)
Concealment of Moving Vehicle (%) 15.1 / 3.59 (%)


View Range 400 (m)
Signal Range 782.1 (m)

17 thoughts on “World of Tanks Supertest: Centurion Mk. 5/1 RAAC – Tier VIII British Medium

    1. Likely a typo, theres an image out ther of the Tank Inspector stats that shows it has the 120mm upper plate like a Mk. 5/1 Centurion should have.

    2. The text is about the historical vehicle. Not about the one in game. I’m still unsure how the armor will be, because WG official numbers are the standard Centurion ones, but there are a few sources that show an increased armour. Problem is, at the moment, we can’t see any armor schemes due to the update and the mods just don’t work.

    3. If it doesnt have the 120mm upper plate it isnt a Mk. 5/1 then. That was part of the Mk. 5/1 upgrade. Ive seen 2 tank inspector stats pages that show a 120mm frontal armor number.

    4. I’m pretty sure the description is meaning the centurion 5 having better armour than the centurion 1 in this case as the only extra “armour” i’m pretty sure that was added were a couple of spare tires.

    5. The Centurion Mk. 5/1 had increased armour. A steel plate that was welded to the upper front glacis. The issue was the initial information published by WG EU, had a typo in the armour values, and then in-game was able to confirm the real value of the upper plate was 120mm and not 76.

  1. so there could be a Commonwealth tech tree, with the Ram the 2 Sentinels and that Centurion, at least full historical.

    1. Not a tech tree. Commonwealth tanks would pretty much be British tanks, or small variations of it. In this case I do agree for them to be in the British tech tree. And to be honest, I don’t think Canadians and Australians mind to have tanks there too.

  2. It is a close look-a-like of the Cents’ used in “Nam. It is just missiong the 2 roadwheels on the glacis. I am guessing it will be available on 25 April or there-abouts. That date is ANZAC Day here in New Zealand and Australia and it would be appropriate for the sale to be then. Yes, I wil be getting one for my NA and ASIA accounts.

  3. This makes a fv4202 pretty much worthless. Sad to see that.

  4. Why can’t we get tier vlll heavy british touted before Christmas? We already have two Cent. knockoffs.

  5. I’ve updated the armor values with the correct ones that display in-game. Initial values were wrong due to information from Wargaming having a typo.

  6. Welp, it’s a historical vehicle and not a wild concept like the Mauerbrecher, or some OP monstrosity like the Defender, so on that alone I give this new Cent a thumbs up. Not sure that the game ‘needs’ another Cent, but I’ll concede that another Cent can’t ‘hurt’ the game or the current meta much either.

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