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World of Tanks Supertest: AMX 65t – Tier VIII French Heavy Tank

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The new alternative French heavy tank branch will feature armoured tanks without autoloaders. The AMX 65t will be the first of the brand new tanks and will have three guns, offering a varied gameplay. Stock gun will be a 90 mm DCA 45, but players will most likely have to choose between a 100 mm SA47 with more AP penetration and faster reload, offering a high damage per minute, or, a 120 mm D. 1203 with higher alpha but lower AP penetration and reload time, also resulting in a lower damage per minute.

Either way, this tank will offer a new experience in gameplay when it comes to high Tier French heavy tanks. This alternative branch is more than welcome to the game and the AMX 65t seems to be an interesting vehicle.

Source: WOT Express

The following information is from Supertest Server and its subject to change before the final release.




Tier VIII Heavy Tank
Hit Points
Gun 100 mm SA47
Shell Type AP / APCR / HE
Shell Avg. Penetration 232 / 263 / 50 mm
Shell Avg. Damage 300 / 300 / 400
Reload Time 8.92s
Rate of Fire 6.73 rounds per minute
Aiming Time 2.88s
Average Damage per Minute 2,019
Accuracy 0.326
Gun Depression/Elevation Angles -8 / +13
Gun 120 mm D. 1203
Shell Type AP / APCR / HE
Shell Avg. Penetration 218 / 325 / 65 mm
Shell Avg. Damage 400 / 400 / 515
Reload Time 13.23s
Rate of Fire 4.53 rounds per minute
Aiming Time 2.59s
Average Damage per Minute 1,814
Accuracy 0.345
Gun Depression/Elevation Angles -8 / +13
Hull / Turret Traverse Speed 25 / 27.1 deg/s
Top Speed / Reverse Speed 40 / 15 km/h
Terrain Resistance
Hard 1.534
Medium 1.726
Soft 2.397
Hull Armour 100 / 80 / 60 mm
Turret Armour 250 / 80 / 60 mm
Weight / Max Load
65.0t / 72.0t
Engine Power 1,000 hp
Specific Power 15.38 hp/t
Concealment of Stationary Vehicle ?%
Concealment of Moving Vehicle ?%
View Range 370 m
Signal Range 750 m
Crew 4

15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks Supertest: AMX 65t – Tier VIII French Heavy Tank

  1. Premium Penetration on the 120mm Gun: I think 325 Pen is a little bit to much…
    This tank could penetrate simply everything.

  2. I think they should give this the same stats and gun as the AMX M4 49.

    They they can compensate players with the AMX 65t as a premium and make the AMX M4 49 the regular tier 8.

    Right now this tank doesn’t visually fit the line compared to the tier 7,9 &10

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